Sunday, August 29, 2010

Artwork contest winner!

Hello! I have the Artwork contest winner! For the first place: Flipper14354!!! Congratulations Flipper14354! You won the first place! You will soon receive a Special Certificate to your penguin e-mail! Also, please visit Flipper14354´s Blog.

Also, I would be glad to mention that Pips4lucy won the second place! Please also visit Pips4lucy´s Blog! Both created really good Artworks! This are the Poll results:

Total Votes: 11
Percent for Flipper14354: 54%
Percent for Pips4lucy: 45%

Congratulations, Flipper14354 and Pips4lucy! See you later!


  1. I Picked him YES!!

  2. Je45rry,
    can you send me the HTML of the PST clock to Thanks
    - Chuckyb13

  3. Je45rry,
    Can you put my banner on your site? Please let me know and i can send you the HTML. Thanks
    - Chukyb13