Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Herbert´s First Step" Hint!

Hello! As you may know, I released a Contest some days ago. Actually, I have received many answers from participants, but no one has the correct answer... I will be giving some hints until someone send me a comment with the correct asnwer. Now, I will repeat what you can win if you win this contest:

- You will be the Penguin of the Week
- Your Penguin will appear on the Winner post.
- I will link to your blog ( if you have one ) on the Winner post.
- Your banner ( if you have one ) will appear forever on the "Banners" Page!
- You will receive a Special Certificate to your Penguin e- mail! ( If you have one )

If you want more info just click here! Now, let´s remind what is the question:

When Herbert came to Club Penguin, on what place he landed? ( The most probable )

Now, this question means on what place Herbert landed after his Iceberg tipped. Let´s remind the options:

- Dock
- Beach
- Mine
- Cove
- Town
- Plaza

Now, let´s see the Club Penguin map and remind what Herbert said:

"Being a helpful fellow, Klutzy offered to accompany me. However, my Iceberg floated away, and took with it my greatest dream"

 Now, do you already know the answer? If not, don´t worry! I will post more hints throught the week! Remember that tomorrow Monday 9 at 5:30 P.M. PST my party will be taking place! See you later!