Monday, August 9, 2010

"Herbert´s First Step" Winner!!!

Hello Penguins! I have already the "Herbert´s First Step" contest WINNER! Many penguins sent me many answers, but only one send me the correct one... and this penguin is: FLIPPER14354!!! Congratulations, Flipper! You won! Now, you are the Penguin of the week, and very soon you will receive your Certificate to your penguin e- mail! Please visit Flipper14354´s Blog! He, as many other penguins, need someone to help him on posting, so, if you are interested, please tell him! Maybe you are thinking what answer he sent, well, the answer he sent is: The COVE! But, why is the cove the correct answer, well, if we see our map, we can see the Iceberg at the right- upper part. And, if we remind what Herbert said (  "Being a helpful fellow, Klutzy offered to accompany me. However, my Iceberg floated away, and took with it my greatest dream" ) we can distinguish the words "my Iceberg FLOATED AWAY". So, Klutzy brought him at the Cove, the land place NEAREST from the Iceberg, and from that point, he saw the Iceberg floating away. Good job, Flipper14354. Thanks to all who participated in this contest! Oh, and remember to go today to my Stamp Party! See you later!

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