Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mountain Expedition here!

Hello! Guess what? The Mountain Expedition is already here!!! This are the steps to follow to get to the Top:
1.- First of all, go to the Ski Village, and if you are a member, enter the "Mountain Expedition"!

2.-You will enter the Supply Camp. Here you can get a FREE Item: a Chilly Trek Hat to get you warmer! Now go to the Cave entrance at the Right- Upper part...

3.-  Now, you have to click on the Stalactites to make that ALL of them pull apart. Once you have done this, you can continue!

4.- After that, you will go to another Camp. CHEAT: If you make at least 10 Penguins smile at the Camp ( they have to be near the fire ) you will get a Stamp!!! Now, go up...

5.- Now, you will have to make a Bridge to pass. To do this, point the ox, a Snow Crop will fall, now point and click the leaf. Remove the snow, and use the Ox to cut the Trunk. Now, throw snowballs to the Stalactites and they will fall.

6.- You have reached the top of the Mountain! Congratulations! Now you can get two free items: The Background ( to get it click the Camera ) and the Flag!

Very soon Mountain Expedition Stamp´s Cheats!

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