Thursday, August 5, 2010

Newspaper #251!

Hello! Today Club Penguin released the Newspaper edition #251 with Mountain Expedition News, and there is something that is very interesting:

- "We were flying around up there and we saw something out of the ordinary"
- "That´s right. Our jetpacks don´t let us get high enough to see what it was. But there´s something up there, that´s for sure"
- "We´ll need to climb to the top of these mountains and get to the bottom of all the mysterious rumors about what´s up there!"

I think that what those penguins saw is something related with the New Card- Jitsu Water or Ice! These are the Upcoming Events:

- Starting August 20:
Better Igloos
Igloo Upgrades
New Postcards

See you later!

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