Monday, August 9, 2010

Chuckyb13´s Party!

Hello Penguins! Today Chuckyb13´s party taked place! First we met at the E.P.F. Headquarters, there where many Penguin friends, in them Chuckyb13, Squeaky, and Alex ( he appears at Monstercjr´s and Chuckyb13´s Movie "The End of Club Penguin" ). But Monstercjr didn´t come... After that we went to the Dance Club for a Dance Contest. We went to many places, including the Lighthouse where we played many Instruments!

After that, we went to play some Sled Racing! I won first place! Yay!!!

Then we went to the Stadium, where I get the "Soccer Team" Stamp!!! Then we went to an igloo ( I don´t remember where, oops )

Then, we went to the Box Dimension with our Blue- Soccer Team Jerseys! Our friends played with the Soccer Ball.

After that, we went to the Snow Forts where we divided into two teams, the Blue one and the Red one. There, Pips4lucy came!

Then we went to play Card- Jitsu! But then, the party was over. Thanks Chuckyb13 for the Party!

Oh, and remember to assist to my Stamp Party today! See you later!

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