Monday, August 16, 2010

Monstercjr, Pisp4lucy and I at Youtube!

Hello! Guess what? Remember when I posted that I met Chrisdog93? Well, I forgot to mention that he was recording, he mentioned that before he went. Now, he loaded that viedo to Youtube, and Monstercjr, Pisp4lucy and I appears there! Yes! We are now famous! ( lol :) After he closed the video, he added all of us to his buddy list. If you pay close attention, the First Buddy- card- invitation ( the happy faced- card ) is from me! Here you can see us in Chrisdog93´s video:

If you can´t see the video correctly, just click here! So, what do you think? In other news, have you already noticed the New Name? ( Club Penguin Info ) Do you like it? Send a comment with your opinion! Also don´t forget to come to my 200 Posts Party tomorrow at 7:30 A.M. PST.! Also I have to mention that I have received only one submission for my Artwork Contest! If you are going to participate, send me your Artwork by the already mentioned forms before August 20! See you later!

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