Sunday, August 29, 2010

Music Week: Day 5

Hello! Today is the Fourth day of the Music Week. For today, I will organize a little excercise. n this excercise, you will have to answer the questions that I will give you. This questions are related to Music ( obviously ) Well, this are the questions:

1.- What Band is considerated as best band in all the World?
2.- What song is considerated as the best song in all the World? ( Hint: It is from "Queen" )
3.- On what year does Mozart was born?
4.- What group created the song that was used in the movie "The magician´s aprenttice" ( starring Nicholas Cage and Jay Baruchel ) Hint: They mention the Group in the Movie

The first penguin in sending me at least 3 of 4 questions correct will win! Actually, there is no prize, but the winner will appear in the blog. In other news, Flipper14354 won the First place in my Artwork Contest! ( More info soon ) See you later!


  1. 1. The Beattles.
    2. Beethoven
    3. 1770.
    4. The Beattles.

  2. Mmm, you have 3 errors... keep trying!

  3. But you only have two music week posts! Are there other ones?

  4. Of course I have more! The "School Help" is the first one! In total I have four music week posts.