Monday, August 2, 2010

How to get "6 Coin Bags", "Iced Treasure" and the "10 Coin Bags" Stamps in a row

1.- First of all go to the Dance Lounge and enter the Thin Ice Game. Play levels 1 - 18. Once you are on Level 19, make sure to be on the correct position that is at the Image below.

2.- Now, make the following steps: Move four steps right, two steps down, 2 steps left, 3 steps down, 3 steps right, 2 steps down, 1 step left, 2 steps down, 1 step right, and 2 steps down.

3.- Then, coin bags will appear! Now we have our "Iced Treasure" Stamp! Now, collect all those coin bags. If you have sufficient Coin Bags, you will get your "6 Coin Bags" and your "10 Coin Bags" Stamps!

 If you want, continue playing the game to earn other stamps by clicking the " Reset" button, or click the X to get out. Now we have 3 New Stamps!!! Good work!

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