Monday, August 23, 2010

Field Op #11!

Hello! Today Club Penguin released the 11th Field Op. Now, follow the next steps to complete it:

1.- First of all, you will see your Phone ringing. Click it. Then, teleport to the E.P.F. Headquarters.
2.- There, you will have to click the "Field Ops" screen and read your orders:

We´ve received information that a speaker somewherehas been rigged to cause "serious damage".
Search the island together for it, then shut it down. We can´t take any chances!

3.- Now, click the "Accept Field Op" button. Now, let´s search that speaker!
It could be at the Gift Shop? No
It could be at the Dance Club? No
It could be at the Stage? No
4.-The speaker that we are searching is located at the Lightohuse! But pay attention to this: the speaker is the one next to our Spy Phone. To go near of it, click it and you will walk to it.

5.- Your Spy Phone will began to rang and a Green light will appear. Click it to do the Field Op of this week!
6.- Once you have done with the Field Op, you will get another E.P.F. Medal! Good work, Agent!

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