Friday, August 6, 2010

Stamp Party on MONDAY at 5:30 PST P.M., SORRY...

ATTENTION!: Hour changed to 5:30 PST P.M. I am soo sorry but some unexpected problems are presented, so the Stamp Party is changed to Monday August 9 at 5:30 P.M. PST, same Server. During this lap of time you can have time to register your igloo. I will be offline during the most of this weekend. Sorry :( Hope you can come with this changes
Hello Penguins! As you may know, on MONDAY my Stamp Party is taking place, and I will do my best so all can get the Stamps that they don´t have. The actual Stamps that we will be trying to get are:

- Igloo Party
- Dance Party
- Floor Filler
- Play it loud!
- Fort Battle
- Hockey Team
- Soccer Team
- Party Host
- Ninja Meeting

To get the "Igloo Party" Stamp, we will be going to all the igloos of the Penguins that came to the Party. So this can be easier, Register your penguin in a comment, and tomorrow at the Party, open your igloo. Note: The Party will be at 5:30 P.M. PST. If you think that a Stamp remains, and we can help you to get it, send a comment with the Stamp Name, and I willl try to include it to the list. See you later!

Update: Flipper14354 has already registered in the Igloo visit.
Update: Davidhopper2 has also registered in the Igloo visit.
Update: Loulou11207 has registered in the Igloo visit.
Update: Dark Falkner has registered in the Igloo visit.


  1. Hey Je45rry! Its me, Flipper14354! Can you come to my igloo? Thanks!

  2. Nice! You're having a stamp party ill come! :D

  3. Wait so is it 7:30 AM or 7:30 PM? Just making sure.

  4. oh man I don't think I can come :(

  5. Hey Je45rry, if you have a banner just comment on my site and ill put yours on my site also! :D

  6. Hey Je45rry thanks for reminding me about the 4 lifes actually cause I need to make the 1-up captain stamp also. Lol. you're an awesome friend.

  7. Hey Je45rry, ill try my best to come to your party!

  8. I already have that stamp, but can you regester mine?

  9. Can it change to 8:00am

    Because Im Busyin the morning

  10. ok 5:30 PM I think I can come! :D

  11. Im agentmarland sorry if im late but can u get me in