Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Herbert´s First Step" contest!

Hello! As you read at the Name Post, I am organizing another Contest. This contest is named: "Herbert´s First Step" To win you need to answer the next question:
When Herbert came to Club Penguin, on what place he landed? ( The most probable )
The options are the next.
- Dock
- Beach
- Mine
- Cove
- Town
- Plaza
One of the hints I am giving you is the next one below. If you can´t see the Image here is the text:
"Being a helpful fellow, Klutzy offered to accompany me. However, my Iceberg floated away, and took with it my greatest dream"

 The next hint I am giving you is this one: If you look your Map the things can be much easier. Now, this are the prizes:

- You will be the Penguin of the Week
- Your Penguin will appear on the Winner post.
- I will link to your blog ( if you have one ) on the Winner post.
- Your banner ( if you have one ) will appear forever on the "Banners" Page!
- You will receive a Special Certificate to your Penguin e- mail! ( If you have one )

If you want to participate, send a comment with your penguin name, the URL of your blog ( if you have one ), and your penguin e- mail, IMPORTANT: I will only accept PENGUIN e- mails. Not your personal e- mail. If you don´t have a penguin e- mail, create one or tell me that you don´t have one and I will show the Special Certificate on the Blog. Also, to put your Banner ( if you have one ) in the "Banners" page I need the HTML of it. NOTE: For giving you a double opportunity to win there are  TWO Answers available. Remember that this is just a contest, maybe the Club Penguin Team has other answer. The last day to send the Answer is August 12. Good Luck!


  1. I know the beach???

  2. Could you plz send it again i accidentlyy deleted it i thought it was comment srry plz

  3. Well technechly, wasnt he found behind the Ski Lodge? Well thats what I thought....

  4. Hey Ill be at the party ill try my best!!!

  5. I will bring more hints throught the week, don´t worry

  6. I was wrong? :( lol

  7. Congratulations Flipper14354!!! You won!!!!