Thursday, December 22, 2011

Club Penguin's Fan Art: December!

Hello everyone! I am sorry that I haven't post these last days since the Holiday Party 2011 started... I have noticed that these last months I have been delaying posting things, and now I want to change that. If you visit this blog quite often, you may have noticed that I mainly post very relevant things, like parties, Reviewed by You, videos, and things like that. But now I want to post about something new: Club Penguin's Fan Art! Yes! I will also try to post "Penguins around the World" later then. If you didn't knew, Club Penguin's Fan Art is a section of the Club Penguin's Community Blog, where they post art like drawings and paintings that real people do. The Club Penguin Team usually post those drawings ( or paintings made by computer ) that has something to do with the current party or theme the Island has. This month, for example, they have posted Holiday fan art! Drawings related to Coins for Change, Christmas and New Year where the ones that where posted in public. Here are the Top 5 fan - arts of this month:

By Camilota 4
This picture shows 2 penguins ( and a puffle ) during Christmas. It seems that they have already received their christmas presents! The Christmas Tree is very nice... I really liked the effects the picture has: they are very detailed. The Brown Puffle is wearing a warm hat, it seems that it is also happy! The red penguin is holding a penguin - toy in his flipper, while the yellow penguin is holding a present ( maybe she is giving it to his penguin pal! ) Also, there are candies in each one of the socks! Everyone seems to be warming up near the fireplace. The yellow lights, the bookcase and the purple curtain are also great details. Great Job, Camilota4! :D

By Unknown
This picture shows a pal of penguins playing sled racing, some puffles and a penguin wearing a Jet - Pack in the sky. The yellow puffle seems to be following the purple penguin downhill, while the pink puffle is trying to get away from them! ( LOL ) The red penguin is behind the purple one, and he / she seems to have fun! There is also a black puffle flying around, and there's a blue puffle watching. The red penguin wearing the Jet - Pack is flying around too. Look! There's a brown Puffle at one side of the picture! The snow and clouds are also very well done.This drawing is an awesome artwork, the penguins are very detailed! Great Job! :)

By Unknown
This picture shows some penguin pals at the Beach. Everyone seems very happy for Coins for Change! One of the yellow Penguin is donating. There is a penguin with a Santa Beard! Also, the aqua and the blue penguins are very happy. The Brown puffle seems to be playful. It is wearing inventive glasses! There is one artistic yellow puffle behind that seems to like purple paint :) And look! Rockhopper is also there! He seems to be very happy too. We can see the Lighthouse, a boat ( which seems to be "The Migrator", Rockhopper's Ship ) and the sea. But what's that hat in the boat, next to the Lighthouse? It seems to be a beta hat, but I'm not sure about it. Great Job!

By Unknown
This picture shows up two pengun pals standing behind a "Coins for Change" donating station. If you can notice, those penguins are the same ones that appear at the "Coins for Change" Logo! They seem to be very happy. Behind them, we can see some piles of coins, donating tubes, and some coins still falling from them! Also, there seems to be snow falling fromn the sky. I like this picture, the details the author made are very nice: the Coins for Change logo is the same, the penguin's accesories are also very detailed! If you visit the Lighthouse today, you will see TONS of coins! I hope that we will still donating more for the ones who need  our help all around the world. Great Job!

By Unknown
Wow! This picture shows a group of penguin pals playing outdoors. One of the penguins is wearing a Christmas - Tree costume and another one a Reindeer Costume! The orange penguin is donating to Coins for Change. Next to him / her, there's a red penguin wearing a Santa Costume! There is also a penguin wearing an elf costume.  It seems that the pink penguin is amazed! I liked the background details, like the trees, the mountains, some plants and the sky. The Coins for Change logo is also very detailed! Also, the snow at the floor is very nice. This drawing shows the Christmas Spirit very well. I hope that you will have a beautiful Christmas! This picture is a great Job!

I hope that you liked these pictures! Well, today is December 22, so don't forget to go to the Forest to get your free gift: a "Milk N' Cookies" pin! As you may know, Christmas is really near! And guess what? Today the "Holiday Igloo" Contest is now open! Member penguins can now decorate their own igloos their own Christmas way, and when it's finished they can submit their igloos to the contest! The most holiday - festive igloos will be chosen as winners. I don't know very well what are the prizes, but I am sure they will be great! The contest ends in December 27, so hurry up! But before finishing this post, I have an announce to make: As you can read in my Twitter ( @cpJe45rry ) 2 days ago I got a 6 Months - Membership Card! So I will now be able to inform you about any Member event that may happen for the next 6 months.Thanks for reading, and see you later in Club Penguin Island! And Happy Holidays to everyone! :D

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Party 2011 Info!

Hello everyone! How are you today? I hope fine! As you may know, Christmas in already in its way, and Club Penguin already started the celebrations! Yeah! Today Club Penguin has released the Christmas Party ( or Holiday Party, as you want to name it ) and everyone is so happy! Almost the complete Island has been decorated with Lights, candies, gingerbread and more! Also, the buildings also changed completely! The Town and Plaza has been specially decorated: they have gingerbread paths, and the buildings are made of Candy! But these are not the only good news: Rockhopper has arrived and Coins for Change 2011 has started! Rockhopper's Ship "The Migrator" is located at the Beach, there you can go and visit the Captain's Headquarters, play "Treasure Hunt", buy special items, and even donate for Coins for Change! Talking about this special event, did you know that every single coin you donate will help for 3 different causes all around the world? Those causes are "Build Safe Places, Protect the Environment and Provide Medical Help". These are the best rooms in all the party:

- Town
- Plaza
- Coffee Shop
- Dance Lounge
- Stage ( New Play! )
- Bakery Room ( for Members Only! )
- Beach
- The Migrator
- Santa's Sled ( for Members Only! )
- Forest

Also, do you want to donate many coins  but without running out of them? There is a solution for that! I have made a list of the Top 5 Games where you can earn more money ( faster and easier ) so you can donate all the coins you want! Just remember one thing: take in count that there are many people out there that REALLY need that money. Please be generous and give all the coins you can. Also, if you donate any amount to Coins for Change, you will get a free pin in conmemoration of this great event! Here is the list:

1st Place: Pufflescape
2nd Place: Puffle Launch App
3rd Place: Aqua Grabber
4th Place: Jet - Pack Adventure
5th Place: Pizzatron

I think that this party is one of the best ones Club Penguin has ever made. I really like the idea of donating money for Coins for Change! Remember that you can search for Rockhopper, because these days he will be waddling around the Island. And one more thing: there is a new feature in the party: "12 Days of Gifts"! This feature is available for everyone in Club Penguin ( members and non - members ) It works like this: when you go to the Forest you will see numbers written in special doors. These numbers go from 14 - 25, and they are dates. You will be able to open the door 16 tomorrow, at December 16, and the door 17 will be able to be opened at December 17, and so on. You can now start opening yesterday's door ( which is weird because the party started today ) You will get a completely - free item for each door you open! Awesome, right? What do you think about the party? Please send a coment with your opinion, and see you later in Club Penguin Island! Right now I have to earn more money to donate ;) Thanks for reading, and Happy Holidays! :D

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

BAFTA Kids Awards Results!

Hello penguins! Before beginning with this post, I should tell you what is the BAFTA: Well, the BAFTA ( the British Academy of Films and Television Arts ) is an academy that supports "Films and Television Arts" ( such as TV Shows, programs, movies, Videogames, and websites ) by making Awards to recognize all the effort many people did in order to achieve something. And as many of you should know, time ago Club Penguin was nominated to the BAFTA - Kids Awards 2011 ( for British Kids ) as "Best Website", racing against other Websites, such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Miniclip. Today I visited the "BAFTA Kids Vote" Official Website to check the results ( click here to see all Winners ) And guess what? Unlike last year, Club Penguin has lost! Not only the first Place, I mean, it didn't qualified in the Top 3! Instead, the Top 3 Winners in this Category where: ( Congratulations! )

1- Bin Weevils
2- Moshi Monsters
3- Girls - Go Games

And here are ALL the Websites that where Nominated:

- Bin Weevils
- Cartoon Network Official Website
- CBBC ( ? )
- Club Penguin
- Disney's Official Website
- Girls - Go Games
- Miniclip
- Moshi Monsters
- Nickelodeon's Official Website
- Stardoll

According to the BAFTA - Kids Awards, more than 400,000 Kids gave their opinions through votes. But, what is the reason that Club Penguin went downhill in this Awards? Last year Club Penguin won 1st Place, but this year not. Many penguins say ( including my Friend Saraapril ) that this may have been caused by all the Bugs the website has, like the Friend- System Bugs, Costume Bugs, and even the Main Screen of Club Penguin's Website! ( It said -1 Days left in the Card - Jitsu Party Countdown ) This year the amount of bugs have been increasing! We only have to wait if Billybob says something about this in Club Penguin's Community Blog ( which is not very possible ) What do you think about this? Do you think that Club Penguin deserved to be the 1st Place? Or 2nd? Or do you think it didn't deserved to win anything at all? Thanks for reading, and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :) Good luck for next year, Club Penguin! 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Club Penguin's First Cartoon!

Hello everyone! Guess what? The Club Penguin Team has created their first Cartoon Ever! Yeah! As they say, they received many comments saying that they should start making Cartoons. I was one of them! Time ago, I sent the Club Penguin Team an e-mail saying if they could make their own cartoons. And finally, they did! This Cartoon is named: "Never Wake up a Sleeping Sensei" Here is what Happy77 says about: Happy77 here. We're very excited to share our very FIRST Club Penguin Short with you! Many of you have been asking us to make cartoons. You asked... and we listened! In our first animated short, a group of ninja students catch Sensei sleepwalking at the Dojo. Check out what happens next! :) It sounds cool, right? Well, as you can see below, the video - system I am using to show you the cartoon is the same CP used for it. Too confusing? Well, let me explain you: Can you remember when I told you ( via Twitter ) that I was having Youtube problems? I had to find another way to upload this video to the blog, that wasn't Youtube. So, I searched for the HTML Code of this video, and here it is! I think that I will make the same for all the future CP videos. Please enjoy it!:

Awesome, right? I really liked this video. If you noticed, Sensei was awake all the time, just to teach his students how to work as a Team when a problem appears. I am really happy that Club Penguin has started making Cartoons like this one! I can't wait to see the next one they are making. I laughed at this video; it is very nice! I would really like if Club Penguin starts doing other Cartoons about the EPF. It would be great, don't you think? I started reading the comments other penguins made about this video, and some of them say that this Cartoon should be aired on TV. I agree with that idea, I think that if CP starts making Cartoons for TV, they would be more popular by everyone worlwide. Here are the most relevant comments about the video:
  • OMG!!! THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! is their going to be a tv show like this!? - Mysty1313
  • I love it! Sensei sure taught them how to work as a team! I can't wait for the next short. This put me in such a good mood! Thankyou C.P! - Merzi99
  • I like this! Maybe you should make Club Penguin shorts at Disney Channel! :-) - Pclhelp2
  • WOW!! That was the best video clip I have ever seen in my whole life!! You should do a TV show on Disney Channel and maybe a movie about those Furious Four Ninjas - Cool Burl
  • I love it I am 10 and love CP can you guys plz make a TV show that would be cool and herbert could be there and all kinds of stuff it would be cool. - Cool Cg
What do you think about all this? Did you liked the Video? Please leave a comment with your opinion about this new video. Thanks for reading, guys! I am very happy that my Stats are growing up again. Thanks for your preference, and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D