Wednesday, December 7, 2011

BAFTA Kids Awards Results!

Hello penguins! Before beginning with this post, I should tell you what is the BAFTA: Well, the BAFTA ( the British Academy of Films and Television Arts ) is an academy that supports "Films and Television Arts" ( such as TV Shows, programs, movies, Videogames, and websites ) by making Awards to recognize all the effort many people did in order to achieve something. And as many of you should know, time ago Club Penguin was nominated to the BAFTA - Kids Awards 2011 ( for British Kids ) as "Best Website", racing against other Websites, such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Miniclip. Today I visited the "BAFTA Kids Vote" Official Website to check the results ( click here to see all Winners ) And guess what? Unlike last year, Club Penguin has lost! Not only the first Place, I mean, it didn't qualified in the Top 3! Instead, the Top 3 Winners in this Category where: ( Congratulations! )

1- Bin Weevils
2- Moshi Monsters
3- Girls - Go Games

And here are ALL the Websites that where Nominated:

- Bin Weevils
- Cartoon Network Official Website
- CBBC ( ? )
- Club Penguin
- Disney's Official Website
- Girls - Go Games
- Miniclip
- Moshi Monsters
- Nickelodeon's Official Website
- Stardoll

According to the BAFTA - Kids Awards, more than 400,000 Kids gave their opinions through votes. But, what is the reason that Club Penguin went downhill in this Awards? Last year Club Penguin won 1st Place, but this year not. Many penguins say ( including my Friend Saraapril ) that this may have been caused by all the Bugs the website has, like the Friend- System Bugs, Costume Bugs, and even the Main Screen of Club Penguin's Website! ( It said -1 Days left in the Card - Jitsu Party Countdown ) This year the amount of bugs have been increasing! We only have to wait if Billybob says something about this in Club Penguin's Community Blog ( which is not very possible ) What do you think about this? Do you think that Club Penguin deserved to be the 1st Place? Or 2nd? Or do you think it didn't deserved to win anything at all? Thanks for reading, and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :) Good luck for next year, Club Penguin! 

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