Sunday, December 4, 2011

Club Penguin's First Cartoon!

Hello everyone! Guess what? The Club Penguin Team has created their first Cartoon Ever! Yeah! As they say, they received many comments saying that they should start making Cartoons. I was one of them! Time ago, I sent the Club Penguin Team an e-mail saying if they could make their own cartoons. And finally, they did! This Cartoon is named: "Never Wake up a Sleeping Sensei" Here is what Happy77 says about: Happy77 here. We're very excited to share our very FIRST Club Penguin Short with you! Many of you have been asking us to make cartoons. You asked... and we listened! In our first animated short, a group of ninja students catch Sensei sleepwalking at the Dojo. Check out what happens next! :) It sounds cool, right? Well, as you can see below, the video - system I am using to show you the cartoon is the same CP used for it. Too confusing? Well, let me explain you: Can you remember when I told you ( via Twitter ) that I was having Youtube problems? I had to find another way to upload this video to the blog, that wasn't Youtube. So, I searched for the HTML Code of this video, and here it is! I think that I will make the same for all the future CP videos. Please enjoy it!:

Awesome, right? I really liked this video. If you noticed, Sensei was awake all the time, just to teach his students how to work as a Team when a problem appears. I am really happy that Club Penguin has started making Cartoons like this one! I can't wait to see the next one they are making. I laughed at this video; it is very nice! I would really like if Club Penguin starts doing other Cartoons about the EPF. It would be great, don't you think? I started reading the comments other penguins made about this video, and some of them say that this Cartoon should be aired on TV. I agree with that idea, I think that if CP starts making Cartoons for TV, they would be more popular by everyone worlwide. Here are the most relevant comments about the video:
  • OMG!!! THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! is their going to be a tv show like this!? - Mysty1313
  • I love it! Sensei sure taught them how to work as a team! I can't wait for the next short. This put me in such a good mood! Thankyou C.P! - Merzi99
  • I like this! Maybe you should make Club Penguin shorts at Disney Channel! :-) - Pclhelp2
  • WOW!! That was the best video clip I have ever seen in my whole life!! You should do a TV show on Disney Channel and maybe a movie about those Furious Four Ninjas - Cool Burl
  • I love it I am 10 and love CP can you guys plz make a TV show that would be cool and herbert could be there and all kinds of stuff it would be cool. - Cool Cg
What do you think about all this? Did you liked the Video? Please leave a comment with your opinion about this new video. Thanks for reading, guys! I am very happy that my Stats are growing up again. Thanks for your preference, and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

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