Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Party 2011 Info!

Hello everyone! How are you today? I hope fine! As you may know, Christmas in already in its way, and Club Penguin already started the celebrations! Yeah! Today Club Penguin has released the Christmas Party ( or Holiday Party, as you want to name it ) and everyone is so happy! Almost the complete Island has been decorated with Lights, candies, gingerbread and more! Also, the buildings also changed completely! The Town and Plaza has been specially decorated: they have gingerbread paths, and the buildings are made of Candy! But these are not the only good news: Rockhopper has arrived and Coins for Change 2011 has started! Rockhopper's Ship "The Migrator" is located at the Beach, there you can go and visit the Captain's Headquarters, play "Treasure Hunt", buy special items, and even donate for Coins for Change! Talking about this special event, did you know that every single coin you donate will help for 3 different causes all around the world? Those causes are "Build Safe Places, Protect the Environment and Provide Medical Help". These are the best rooms in all the party:

- Town
- Plaza
- Coffee Shop
- Dance Lounge
- Stage ( New Play! )
- Bakery Room ( for Members Only! )
- Beach
- The Migrator
- Santa's Sled ( for Members Only! )
- Forest

Also, do you want to donate many coins  but without running out of them? There is a solution for that! I have made a list of the Top 5 Games where you can earn more money ( faster and easier ) so you can donate all the coins you want! Just remember one thing: take in count that there are many people out there that REALLY need that money. Please be generous and give all the coins you can. Also, if you donate any amount to Coins for Change, you will get a free pin in conmemoration of this great event! Here is the list:

1st Place: Pufflescape
2nd Place: Puffle Launch App
3rd Place: Aqua Grabber
4th Place: Jet - Pack Adventure
5th Place: Pizzatron

I think that this party is one of the best ones Club Penguin has ever made. I really like the idea of donating money for Coins for Change! Remember that you can search for Rockhopper, because these days he will be waddling around the Island. And one more thing: there is a new feature in the party: "12 Days of Gifts"! This feature is available for everyone in Club Penguin ( members and non - members ) It works like this: when you go to the Forest you will see numbers written in special doors. These numbers go from 14 - 25, and they are dates. You will be able to open the door 16 tomorrow, at December 16, and the door 17 will be able to be opened at December 17, and so on. You can now start opening yesterday's door ( which is weird because the party started today ) You will get a completely - free item for each door you open! Awesome, right? What do you think about the party? Please send a coment with your opinion, and see you later in Club Penguin Island! Right now I have to earn more money to donate ;) Thanks for reading, and Happy Holidays! :D

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