Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Start Image!

Hello Penguins! There is a New Start Image of the Orange Puffle that Members can Now buy at the Pet Shop! It seems like one Orange Puffle is eating the Start Image and another Orange Puffle is Licking the Start Image! This new Orange Puffles are very Funny!

Orange Puffle Available Now!!!

Hello Penguins! Guess what? The Orange Puffle is now available at the Pet Shop! I have brought you Images of how it Dances and how it Plays. It characteristics:
Orange Puffle
- Attitude Zany, Curious.
- Favorite Toy: Box, Wagon
- Cool Fact: Sleeps very Deeply.
It is Very Amazing and is now available at the Pet Shop for $800!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rockhopper is Coming!

Hello Penguins! Guess what? Rockhopper is coming again to Club Pinguin! If you see through the Telescope at the Beacon, you can see his Boat at the Horizont. What could be the Reasoh of his visit?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Furniture Catalog Feb.- March Secrets!

Hello Pinguins. If you have noticed it, there is only one Secret at the Feb.- March New Furniture Catalog. Well, this is the Secret: The Mailbox entrance lets you to have a Blue Lamp for only $100.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Puffle Show!!!

Hello Pinguins! I have brought you an Image of what the Puffle Show looks like. There is a Free Item, the Puffle Jacket. Also there is a Puffle Grooming where your Puffle is treated with elegancy. Also, there is a Free Item at the Plaza, and it is a Puffle Hat.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Puffle Party Finally Here!

Hello Puffle-Fans! The Puffle Party is finnaly here! This are the Room of each color of Puffle:
Blue: Forest
Red: Cove
White: Mine
Yellow: Lighthouse
Green: Beacon
Pink: Iceberg
Black: Cave
Purple: Dance Club
This Puffle Party is awesome! Here are the places I liked more:
- The Lighthouse because there is a Yellow Puffle that paints you!!
- The Dock because there is a Giant Puffle toy!
- The Forest because there is a Giant Ball Game!!
- The Snow Forts because you can fight with Puffles and there is a Puffle Feeder!

Orange Puffle Spotted at the Ski Village!!!

Hello Penguins! Guess what? Now, the Orange Puffle is appearing at the Ski Village! To make it appear, there have to be more than 10 Orange Pinguins!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Puffle Party Mine Sneak Peek!

Hello Pinguins! Have you seen Today´s Club Penguin Official Blog? There appears two Puffle Party Sneak Peeks. One of the Mine (Future Place of White Puffles) and of the Only Members Place. Here I have brought you an Exclusive of the Mine made by me... It semi- semi, but is useful. I worked veeery much to complete it, so please donñt copy (I have pasted the Blog´s Sign). That´s how I imagine the Mine this puffle Party, I am not sure to be like that, well enjoy it!!! (Click the Image to make it larger)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Orange Puffle Sneak Peek!

Hello Pinguins! I have brought you an image of how will be the Orange Puffle. Seems that it will be a little silly, right? Led your comment with your opinion! I hope that when this puffle get on Sale it will be for all Pinguins!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Second Je45rry Exclusive Sneak Peek!

Hello Pinguins! I have brought you another Puffle Party Exclusive Sneak Peek! Now, what places do you think they are? Send a Comment with your opinion! In other news: Have you heard that an Orange Puffle is being spotted at the Box Dimension and at the Ski Lodge? Send a comment if you know if it appears on another place!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Orange Puffle!!!

Hello Pinguins! Believe it or not, there is an Orange Puffle in the Island! Every 30 min. at the Ski Lodge, it will appear at the Clock. Also, at the Box Dimension, the Orange Puffle appears when 10 Pinguins are Orange!! The Orange Puffle is Real!!!

Je45rry Puffle Party Exclusvie Sneak Peek!

Hello Pinguins! If you have seen entries before, you can see the Puffle Party Exclsuives I brought you some days ago. Now, I have brought yo another Exclusive but not complete, like a Sneak Peek. What places do you think they are? Led a Comment with you opinion. In other news, I have investigated and I have realized that the Places of a Specific Puffle now has a Box with the color of last year! Example: The Dance Club was the Place of the Purple Puffle at the lat Puffle Party, and now, there there is a box with the Purple Color! If you visit the Mine, you can see a White Box, so, this could be the White´s Puffle Place of this year´s Puffle Party!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Puffle Party Preparations!

Hello Pinguins! If you haven´t noticed that there are Puffle Party Boxes at the Beacon, Mine, Lighthouse, Dance Club, Iceberg, Pool and Forest, well, now you know! The Puffle Party Preparations have begun, and I am so excited to the Puffle Party to begin this February 19!

New Puffle Toys!

Hello Pinguins! Like the Play "Secrets of the Bamboo Forest", the New Puffle toys launched a little earlier. There are two new toys:
1- A Puffle Bll for $150
2- A Puffle Washer for $450
I thought there will be more New Puffle Furniture, but, well, that are the only New Toys. Well, besides that, they look very funny! Check what they do...

New Start Image!

Hello Pinguins! Club Pinguin has launched a New Enter Image that is of Puffles, and I think that this has something to do with the Puffle Party! Obviously, we cannot loose this Party!

Secrets of the Bamboo Forest now at Stage!

Hello Pinguins! Club Penguin launched the New Play a little earlier. Well, the thing is this: The Bamboo Forest gives you a Prize if you fin the Gold Feather ( That is at the Beacon, and it also is the Pin) When you have the Golden Feather, you have to stand on the Block at the Floor, and a Bridge will Appear. Then, pass throught it and you will in a Phoenix Queen´s Background Completely Free! If you see at the Costume Trunk and Click on the Golden Feather at the First Page, more clues will be revealed so you can find the Golden Feather.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Second Puffle Party Exclusive!

Hello Pinguins! I have brought you another Puffle Party Exclusive! This Image is made by me, so please don´t copy. This time is the Snow Forts, showing how will it be this time, (I am not sure), we will have to wait to discver this Puffle Party!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Puffle Party Exclusive!

Hello Pinguins! I have brought you an Exclusive of the Puffle Party 2010!
The Dock will look like the Image,(I am not sure), we will have to wait to this Puffle Party 2010 begins this February 19!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Feb. Pinguin Catalog Details!

Hello Pinguins! On the Feb. Pinguin Catalog, there is a Puffle Apron that Feeds Puffles for $300. A very Great fact: Now all Pinguins can buy the Flags at the Pinguin Catalog! Now you don´t need to be a Member to buy a Flag! Another detail: There is a New Club Pinguin enter Picture! On that enter appears the Future New Puffle Toys Catlog! There appears the Following Puffle Toys:
- A Puffle Ball
- A Puffle Box
Maybe there will be more New Puffle Toys, but we have to wait to discover them!

New Pinguin Feb. Catalog!

Hello Pinguins! The Snow Crop at the Tree near the Pinguin Boys lets you to have The Brunette for $300 and a Purple Spring Dress for $400. The Snow Crop at the Tree near the Pinguin Girls lets you to have Pom- Pom Scarf for $250, and the Snow Crop at the Mountain near the Pinguin Girls lets you to have a Pastel Suede Jacket for $700.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Puffle Party Announced!

Hello Pinguins! Club Penguin´s Newpaper has Announced the Great News: there will be a Puffle Party on February 19! They say that there will be Special Activities for Puffles! So this February 19 bring your Puffle to take a walk!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Sneak Peeks!

Hello Pinguins! Club Penguin has brought us a Sneak Peek of what is Coming this Month!
The 2 Images of Puffles seems Relationated to a Puffle Party! The Bamboo Image with a Squirrel Tail seems to be the New Play. I have maked a List of the Possible things to happen on Club Penguin:
1) February 5: New Pinguin Catalog
2) February 12: New Play and New Igloo Furniture.
3) February 19: Puffle Party and New Igloo Furniture!
Well, we will have to wait to discover what things are awaiting us on Club Penguin...