Friday, February 12, 2010

Je45rry Puffle Party Exclusvie Sneak Peek!

Hello Pinguins! If you have seen entries before, you can see the Puffle Party Exclsuives I brought you some days ago. Now, I have brought yo another Exclusive but not complete, like a Sneak Peek. What places do you think they are? Led a Comment with you opinion. In other news, I have investigated and I have realized that the Places of a Specific Puffle now has a Box with the color of last year! Example: The Dance Club was the Place of the Purple Puffle at the lat Puffle Party, and now, there there is a box with the Purple Color! If you visit the Mine, you can see a White Box, so, this could be the White´s Puffle Place of this year´s Puffle Party!

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