About Je45rry

How Je45rry dicovered CP:

It was only one normal day at School, and I was at my Computer Class. Then I heard some girls that where saying something about a game named Club Penguin. But I wasn´t interested so I continued doing my work.
After 2 Years, my brother told me about Club Penguin because many kids at school played it. So, I entered Club Penguin´s website. I created Je45rry and used it. I got very amazed with the CP that I couldn´t sleep that Night: ) Since that, I have played Club Penguin.

About Je45rry:

Tour Guide: Yes
Ninja: Yes
Fire Ninja: Yes
E.P.F. Agent: Yes
Water Ninja: Yes
Member: No
Penguin E-mail: je45rry@hotmail.com
Logs - in: Server Summit

Map of Visitants:

About Club Penguin Info:

Club Penguin Info was created in October 2009, with the purpose of having fun posting and helping others. For those who didn't visit my blog since its creation, "Club Penguin Info" was originally named "Je45rry", but I changed the name one year later, celebrating the 1st Anniversary of the blog. Club Penguin Info usually has only 1 author ( and admin ), which is me, Je45rry. After some months of boring CP news, I decided to create another feature for the blog. That's when I created my first CPI Story, "Numbers", with the purpose of not only post about Club Penguin all the time. Club Penguin Info is about to reach its 43,800 hits. Also, the site already has 3 years bringing information to you about Club Penguin.