Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Party 2012 here!

Hello everyone! I am really sorry for not posting anything since last month. I was really busy with School, family and personal stuff; though I think some of you may have noticed that I do have time for Twitter. But well, here I am now. Now that my Winter Break has started, I will have more time to post about CP the next few weeks. As many of you know, the Holiday Party is an annual event of Club Penguin that commemorates Christmas and New Year. In this party, "Coins For Change" takes place. Coins for Change ( or CFC as short ) is also an annual event, but with several purposes. Penguins can donate their coins ( from an amount of 100 to 1000 per donation ) to benefit 3 Worldwide causes. These causes are: Provide Medical Help, Protect the Earth and Build Safe Places. You can donate to all 3 causes if you want to, and the coins you donate will be transferred to REAL LIFE donations, to the cause you selected. Isn't that awesome? CFC is a very generous project, indeed. Right now, there are more than 2 billion coins donated. Please remember to be kind and donate all the coins you can: there are people out there that needs our help.

In my opinion, this year's Holiday Party is the best one Club Penguin has ever made. Everyone can transform into a Toy Car, while Members can transform into Reindeer Puffles and Frost Bites. This is possible thanks to the cookies that are made at the Club Penguin Bakery ( which is located at the Snow Forts ) Each cookie costs 100 coins, and the CP coins you pay for them are also added to the CFC Project. Turning into a Frost Bite is the most interesting transformation of them all, because they can change the environment of the rooms, freeze other penguins, and "skate" while walking. Even the Dock has been decorated specially for them! ( By the way, the music at the Dock is really amazing. The ones who composed and played that song are very talented people, in my opinion ) The Forest has been decorated specially for the Puffle Reindeers and the Toy Cars.

There are 3 brand - new emotes that will be available only during the Holiday Party. Last year's Holiday Party had a "12 days of Gifts" feature, in which everyone could get a special item per day, from December 14 to December 25. But this year, Club Penguin only made a "5 days of Gifts" feature. Each day, anyone can receive a special gift, but members can receive another one if they want to. I think that the rooms in this party are very well decorated ( they look really Christmas - festive ) and the Night Sky is also a very neat detail. If you didn't knew, Rockhopper is visiting the Island during the party. This means that you can meet him, and visit his ship ( The Migrator ) to get special items and play "Treasure Hunt". Here is a list of the Rooms I recommend you to visit the most:

- Dock
- Bakery
- Town
- Ice Rink
- Beach
- The Migrator
- Forest
- Plaza
- Santa's Sleigh Ride
- Iceberg
- Pizza Parlor

I have also made a list pointing the games in which you can easily earn big amount of coins ( so you can donate them for Coins for Change if you want to ) Here it is:

1) Pufflescape
2) Puffle Launch App
3) Treasure Hunt
4) Aqua Grabber
5) Jet - Pack Adventure
6) Smoothie Smash

Before ending this post, I have to tell you that Club Penguin created a special song for the Holidays. It’s named “Cool in the Cold”, but I guess you all know that already. I think that it is one of the best songs Club Penguin has made by far,  and you can buy it ( like all the other ones ) in the iTunes Store or Amazon. In case you haven’t seen the Music Video of the song, I put it above this paragraph. I hope you are all enjoying these Holidays! Remember that Christmas isn’t only about the presents-- it’s about trying to be better people and have fun with our family and friends, doing what is right. If you have a doubt or opinion about the party that you would like to tell me, feel free to submit a comment. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D