Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mission 11 Sneak Peek!

Hello Penguins! Billybob have brought us a Sneak Peek of Mission 11! It seems that Herbert will show something to the Public, but, it doesn´t means that Herbert is Revealed to the Public? What do you think Herbert is doing? Send a Comment with your Opinion!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day Party here!

Hello Penguins! The Earth Day Party is finally here! The Mine has been Remodelated, a new Room has been created and a New Path has been maked at the Forest.
1- About the Mine: If you throw Snowballs to the Green catcher, you will let water pass through the Plants. If you plant many plants, they will be appearing at the little woodhouse at the Upper Right.
2- About the New Room: The Recycling Plant is anew Room that is located at the Down Left of the Mine. If you throw snowballs to the Recolcector, they will turn into Recycling Materials that will be change into useful Materials!
3- About the New Path: There is a new path located at the Upper Right of the Forest that will translate you to the Mine.
Enjoy this Earth Day Party and remeber to turn off your Lights on the Night!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Super Sneak Peeks of Herbert ´s Revenge!!

Hello Penguins! Maybe you have heard that Billybob have sended Exclusive Images of Herbert´s Revenge to several Club Penguin bloggers, Billybob haven´t sended me an Image :(, but is Okay. Here are two Images of Herbert´s Revenge that are formed by Images of Many Bloggers. Thanks Saraapril for these Images :) (Click the Images to see them Bigger) If you have a Herbert´s Revenge Image from Billybob that doesn´t appears on these Images, send it to me and I will investigate if it joins with other Image. My Penguin e-mail is my penguin name plus

Friday, April 16, 2010

April- May Igloo Upgrades Catalog Secret!

Hello Penguins! Much of you have heard about the Bamboo Hut Igloo, right? If you haven´t founded it yet, here it goes. Click the Flowers of the Green Clover Igloo and, there it will appear with a Prize of $3200!

April- May Furniture Catalog Secrets!

Hello Penguins! The new Igloo Furniture is already here! Now the Secrets:
1- Click the Second Step of the Burgundy Bookshelf and you will get a Green Deck Chair for $400!
2- Click the Metal Support of the Burgundy Curtains and you will get a Recycle Bin for $50!
3- Click the Top of the Burgundy Lamp and you will get a Green Bookshelf for $450!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Herbert´s Revenge Sneak Peek!

Hello Penguins. Today I was exploring the Club Penguin page and discovered a Sneak Peek of the Future New DS Club Penguin game: Herbert´s Revenge. It seems to be a Herbert Ice Sculpture in his Cave House. And to the Right seems to appear a Plant. What do you think Herbert is planning now? Send a Comment with your opinion!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Club Penguin Earth Day!!!

Hello Penguins! Club Penguin has organized an Earth Party! This will sure be one of the Most Calm and Pacific Parties of all Club Penguin. At the Newspaper, Gary the Gadget Guy has brought us an Image of his Next Green Invention. If you examinate it Carefully, you can deduce that it is a Recycler Machine. Get Ready for Earth Day this April 22!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Herbert at the News! Part 2

Hello Penguins! At the Newspaper, the Yeti "Penguin" (Herbert), say that he only wanted to visit the Warmest Places on all the Island, and, if we Remind, Herbert likes Heat. Also, he talks about the Boiler Room, saying that Someone have drilled it before. Also, he says about that, when you are doing a Campfire, you have to take care of a Water Bucket near it because someone could Knock it while it makes a Victorious Dance. Also, he talked about the way to heat you and sayed that you have to heat your Paws. Obviously, he "retracted" about that. Also, Herbert talked about the Volcano, maybe Herbert will plan to infiltrate the Volcano, don´t you think?

Herbert at the News! Part 1

Hello Everybody! Have you read "The Warmest Places" Section of the Newspaper #233 yet? There appears a "Penguin" with a Yeti Costume. But what I noticed First was that those Eyes where not Penguin Eyes... Then I read all the Section and Discovered that the Yeti Penguin talked exactly about what Happened on Missions Number #6, #8 and #9. I have brought you Images of what the Yeti Penguin (Herbert) say. (Click on the Images to Zoom)
First- Herbert Planned to Destroy the Ski Lodge to make a Campfire. (Mission #6)
Second- Herbert hates Cold. (Mission #6)
Third- Herbert is Vegetarian. (Mission #6)
Fourth- Herbert has Paws.(It is a Polar Bear)
Fifth- Herbert Once drilled a Wall of the Boiler Room. (Mission #8)
Sixth- Once, Klutzy Knocked a Water Bucket to Herbert´s Campfire. (Mission #9)
Seventh- Herbert is a Tall Polar Bear.

April Fools Secret!

Hello Everybody! Here I have brought you a Secret of the April Fools Party.
First- Go to the Ski Lodge.
Second- Stand on the Down Left Corner.
Third- You will appear on the Lighthouse!
Enjoy the April Fools!