Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Igloo Contest Winners announced!

The Christmas Igloo Contest Winners have been Announced! I participated, but I didn´t win... Well, Congratulations to all the Winners! And it seems like that Aunt Arctic and Rockhopper where the Secret Judges!

"Quest for the Golden Puffle" returns to the Stage!

Hello! "Quest for the Golden Puffle" have returned to the Stage! I have discovered a Secret of the Costume Trunk. Open the Catalog, and on the First Page the Golden Puffle lets you to have a Crook & Fail for $300! One Tip for the Play: Stand above the Golden Puffle floors... Surprises will Appear!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Best Christmas Igloo Contest!

Hello! The Best Christmas Igloo Contest has Finally Arrived! The only thingsm you have to do is that if you are a member, Decorate your Igloo with a Christmas Spirit, once your Igloo is ready, click the Special button of the Orange Igloo and dont Change it until the Contest is Finished. 40 Igloos will be Selected which 20 will be the Grand- Prize Winners and its owners will Receive $25000 Coins and a Special Postcard from the Judges! The Other 20 Winners will receive $15000 coins and Also a Special Postcard from the Judges! Good Luck to all!

Santa´s Magic Sled at the Lounge!

Santa´s Magic Sled is now at the Lounge! If you are a Member, visit it! It is a Game where you Have to make the Presents fall on the Penguins Igloos´ Chimneys! When you have delivered 15 Presents, you will get a Secret Prize!

Christmas Party Here!

Hello Penguins! The Christmas Party is Finally Here, and all the Island is Decorated with Lights and Christmas Trees! I will say you Three Things about the Christmas Pary: One, There is a Christmas Tree at the Iceberg that Grows when there are a Certain Amount of Penguins. Try making it Grow until the top! Two, There is a Santa Sled at the Lounge. If you are a member, visit it, because if you Complete the Game, you will Receive a Special Gift! Three, there is a Free Item (Santa Hat) on the Ski Village! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Secrets of Better Igloos Dec- Jan Furniture Catalog!!

The Blue Bird on the Top of the Hat of the Santa Hat Snowman lets you to Have a Nutcracker for $950. The Star of the Large Christmas Tree lets you to have Christmas Lights for $30 each. The Red Ribbon of the Christmas Wreath lets you to have a Small Christmas Tree for $400. Rare Fact: There is a Mystery Present for $15 that will Unwrap on Christmas Day! What do you think it is? Send a Comment with your Opinion!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Coins for Change Arrives!

Hello! Guess what? Rockhopper has arrived with Coins for Change! There are Three Selections to Donate: Kids who are Poor, Kids who are Sick, and The Environment. Start Donating to make the Difference! Important Fact: I have Installed a Rockhopper Tracker so you can Know where it is! (Until December 21)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Astro Barrier Secret!

When you are on Level 11, wait 30 Seconds until a Blue Ship appear. Then, Shoot it and you will pass to Secret Levels!

Secrets of Nov- Mar Sport Catalog!

On the first page, the Green Penguin lets you to have a Green Hockey Jersey for $450. On the second one, the Lime Green Penguin lets you to have a Green Goalie Gear for $600. On the ICE SKATING page, click on the word ICE and it will let you to have White Pom- Poms for $125.

Rockhopper´s Coming!

Hello, Penguins! If you have already noticed, Rockhopper is sooner to Club Penguin! I think he will arrive very soon to Coins for Change. Start getting your Money to Donate!