Technical Questions

1. When I enter to the Club Penguin page, it doesn´t appear the Upper Button "Play Now!", and I can´t access the Club Penguin game page.
- This problem occur very often. As you can see, the Club Penguin page needs a little bit of memory to charge the Page completely. If this occurs, try entering again until the "Play Now!" button appear. If it doesn´t appear, you have to play on a Computer with more memory or contact support.
2. I can´t access my penguin or a server because it charges and charges and it doesn´t respond. Why?
- This problem can occur on all Computers. If you can´t access, you have to be patient and wait a little more or try again. If there appears a Button of "Connection was Lost", you have to call support or try again.
3. My penguin is stucked in the same place and no one else moves; what should I do?
- In some cases, you just have to wait ( maybe your broswer freezed for some seconds ) but in other ones you have to refresh the page completely and log - in again.

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