Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Category and Poll!

Hello Penguins! I have the winner of the " Best Clothes" category! And the winner is: Pips4lucy!!! Congrats Pips4lucy by winning this category! So the remaining penguin is Loulou11207... but, don´t worry, Loulou11207 will also win a Category! The instructions are simple: I will make a poll about all the characteristics Loulou11207 has and you will vote for the one that you think that differences Lou from all the other penguins, what it make him special and unique. This poll will begin tomorrow. The last day to vote is August 3.
In other news, I am thinking that because the Stamp Party is on August 7 we are very ansious, so I decided to make the next poll. So, what do you think? Send a comment ith your opinion! See you later!

Get your own Poll!

How to get the Soda Treasure Stamp

Hello! Maybe you are still searching for the Soda Treasure at the Soda Seas Levels, right? I searched and searched on ALL the level but I couldn´t find it. But finally I know how to GET the Soda Treasure. I will give you Some instructions:
1.- Enter the Aqua Grabber game, and choose the Soda Seas Level. First of all, you have to recolect all the Soda Barrels. Go to the Cave that has the fifth barrel. Then, crash with the top of the cave. A worm will fall, and then catch it.

2.- Once you catched the worm ( Bait), go and search for the Fish ( Fluffy ) and make it "eat" the bait. Or, go and deliver the worm on the Net to get a Stamp. You can get the Bait all the times you want!

3.- Go and search the Mullet ( at the Fourth Barrel ) or deliver the Fish at the Net to get another Stamp. Once you have found the Mullet, make it "eat" the Fish. Then, crash into something to let it free. Pass throught the Caves and go dwon. If you want to get another Stamp, deliver the Mullet on the Net but VERY CAREFULLY, delivering it is very difficult.

4.- Once you are down, you will se a bunch of Gold Coins. Then, a crab will appear and will began to take one by one the Golden Coins. ATTENTION: Don´t take any of the Coins. Just wait until the crab takes each single Golden Coin. But, if you want to get another stamp, get all the Coins that are in the Bunch. HINT: If the crab takes one, take it before he leaves.

5.- Maybe you think that the crab is very avaricious because of ALL the coins it is taking. But, instead, he will recompense you with a much bigger item: THE GEM!!! Thanks Crab!

Now we have our Soda Treasure Stamp! Good work!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

My New Iggy!

Hello Penguins! Guess what? I bought a New Igloo! Yes, the one witha Snow Backyard. First I didn´t know what put and where. But finally I created my igloo: A Fireplace, my computer, and my OWN SNOW FORTS!
Because I was member before, I have many things in Storage. So, I haven´t bought anything ( than the Igloo) already! Davidhopper2 and I played a Snowball Fight! So, what do you think about my New Igloo? Send a comment with your opinion! Oh, and I forgot, TOMORROW is the last day to vote for the "Best Clothes" Category! See you later!

I am a Member!!!!

Wohooo!! Guess what? Thanks for Davidhopper2 I have becomed a Member!!! The first thing I will do is to Customize my Stamp Book! A Pin, there, a stamp a little to the right, ready!

Then I went to my Igloo. It was just how I left it...

Great! Now I can put on my Member Clothes :)

Thanks Davidhopper for the Membership Card! See you later!

Club Penguin Game Day for Wii TRAILER!!!

Hello Penguins! Guess what? The Club Penguin Game Day Trailer is here! In this Game you can transfer the Coins and Items to your Penguin account, just as the other games of Club Penguin! In the video I distingued some very funny Games:
- Gotcha!
- Sack Race
- Sled Racing (on tunnel)
-  Dance Contest
- Racket Puffle
So, what do you think? Send a comment with your opinion!
Available on September 2010!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Davidhopper2´s Party!

Hello Penguins! Today was the 1000 Hits Party of Davidhopper2´s Party! First I went to Davidhopper2´s Iggy when I found many Penguins dancing! One of them was Monstercjr, visitor of Davidhopper2´s Blog. We danced and danced! His Igloo is very big, full of Cool things and has many rooms, a Kitchen and Many Couches. Including delicious Snacks!!! We partied until the Party was over :( Congratulations Davidhopper2 for your One Thousand Hits Party!!! See you later!

Pips4lucy´s contest Sumbmission and New Category!

Hello Penguins! I have Pips4lucy´s Contest Image submission! Now that we have both Images we can continue with the Votations!!! Now you can vote for the next Category: "Best Clothes" at the Upper Vote Page. So, who has the Best Clothes? Loulou11207 or Pips4lucy? For this Category Pips4lucy nor Loulou11207 can Vote, because they will not have anyone more to vote than his Adversary!

In other news, the Winner Play of the Votations is: "Undewater Adventure" with a total of 2 votes out of 4!
Remember to assist to Davidhopper2´s 1000 Hits Party! See you later!

Posting Delay...

Hello Penguins! I have an important announcement to do:

Because some of my classes begin Next Monday ( August 2 ) maybe I will delay on posting, and I willl be offline in Cp. Don´t worry, I will still be online Mornings and some of the Afternoon.
But Starting August 23 I will be offline almost all day , some days. 
These are the Days that I will be online:
- Mondays
- Wednesdays
- Fridays
- Saturdays
These aren´t  the only days I will be online, they are only the ones who have the most probability. I will try to be online the other days if I can. Oh, and remeber that today is Davidhopper2´s party! Don´t forget to come!

Newspaper #250!!!

Hello Penguins! Guess what? The Club Penguin Times has reached its #250 edition!!! This is the message of Aunt Arctic:

I want to thank all our loyal readers, and everyone who´s sent questions, jokes and more. We couldn´t do this without you!

Thanks, Aunt Arctic!!!  These are the Upcoming Evenst:

- August 6: Penguin Style
- August 13: Mountain Expedition
- August 20: Better Igloos and Igloo Upgrades

A Mountain expedition? This is so cool! Hope it will be for everyone! See you later!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Loulou11207´s Contest Sumbmission!

Hello Penguins! The Best Penguins Awards 2010 continues, and as you may know the Category that is about to start is the "Best Clothes" Category! Loulou11207 has brought us the Image that he wants to Submit for the Contest is the next one ( Click Image to enlarge):

So, what do you think? Now, Pips4lucy, please send me your Image as soon as possible. Oh, and remember that Davidhopper2´s Party is tomorrow! For more info just click here! See you later!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Double Island Adventure Tomorrow!

Hello! Guess what? Dark Falkner decided that he will post TWO Island Adventure chapters tomorrow at his Blog! To see the last Chapter of these awesome Story, just click here! If you want to see the Updated Sneak Peek that Dark Falkner is giving us, click here! Will Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal save Club Penguin or CP will see his doom soon? Check it out tomorrow at Dark Falkner´s Blog!!! Important: I know that I am saying this too much but it is urgent: Loulou11207 and Pips4lucy please send me your Images of the "Best Clothes" Category!!! I need them so I can continue the Contest!

7th Field - Op and Friends!

Hello Penguins! Today Club Penguin released the 7th Field- Op! First, you have to go to the E.P.F. Headquarters to receive your orders:

Let´s go to the Beacon... oh, look! Hi,  Davidhopper2! We talked about his party and mine, but then I haved to go to do the E.P.F. Field- Op...

 Stand near the Lightbulb Interruptor and your Spy Phone will began to sound!!! Mmmm, this field- op is the same as the one before...

When I finished the Field- Op I saw Dark Falkner dancing with Davidhopper2! Hi guys!

Good Luck completing this Field- Op! See you later!

Davidhopper2´s Party!

Hello! Our friend Davidhopper2 is organizing a Party for the 1000 Hits of his Blog! Here is the Invitation:

1000 Hits Party!
Day: This Thursday
Server: Fjord
Place: Beacon
Time: 4:00 PST

Let´s celebrate with him his 1000 hits! Hope YOU can come!!! For more Information just click here! See you later!

Squid at Aqua Grabber Entry!

Hello! Today I was at Club Penguin earning Aqua Grabber Stamps, and I was at the Updated Aqua Grabber Entry. That´s when I heard a BEEP. I saw the Radar and I saw a Point, and it was coming nearer! The Beep became sounding FASTER AND FASTER.  Then, I saw the Squid!!! By the excitation I could´t take many photos ( Click Images to enlarge ) If you have seen this Squid before, send a Comment with your experience! See you later! ANNOUNCEMENT: I am still waiting for the Images of Lou and Pips for the "Best Costume" Category, please send the URL of the Image as a comment or to The contest is very delayed!

Monday, July 26, 2010

My Stamps!

Hello! I have decided to make a List of the Stamps that I have recolected today: 
- Activities -                                         - Astro Barrier
1.-  Stage Crew                                   1.- Astro 5
2.- Underground                                  2.- Astro5 Max
3.- Clock Target                                  - Jet Pack Adventure
4.- 183 Days!                                      1.- Lift Off
5.- Going Places                                  2.- Fuel Rank 1
6.- Dance Party                                   3.- Fuel Wings
7.- 365 Days!                                      - Catchin´ Waves
8.- Berg Drill!                                      1.- First Trick
 - Games -                                           2.- Easy Flip
- Thin Ice                                             3.- Easy Tube
1.- 1 Coin Bag                                     4.- Easy Grind
2.- 3 Coin Bags                                    5.- Easy Spin
3.- Ice Bonus                                       6.- Flip Star
Aqua Grabber                                  7.- Easy Jump
1.- Aqua Puffle
2.- Clam Success
3.-  Clam Master
4.- Bubble Match             

Game Updates!!!

Hello! Guess what? Club Penguin has Updated some Game entries and they have maked them so much Awesome and Cool!!! These are the Games in which the Entry is different:
- Aqua Grabber
- Catchin´ Waves
- Jet- Pack Adventure
Also in these Games you can win Stamps! See you later!

Mysterious Visitor?

Hello Penguins! I was seeing the "Who´s Amung Us" Map application when I saw a Visitor Point in the OCEAN...., so  I began investigating. Then I discovered that Many Blogs have that same visitor:

- Octa4208´s Application

- Cena12121´s  Application ( Here we can see other two Ocean Visitors!)

 - Danodo´s Application

- Rosie7721´s Application ( When I taked this Photo TODAY that visitor was online!!! PLUS another visitor near Canada!

- Asulio´s Application

So, who is this Mysterious Visitor? Well, anyway, I am glad that Penguins all around the World visit Club Penguin Blogs :) Important Announcement: Loulou11207 and Pips4lucy haven´t sended me the Image of the "Best Clothes" Category of the Best Penguins Awards... Please send it as soon as Possible!!!

Stamp Party!!!!

Hello Penguins! I have decided to organize a Party to have fun and also earn the Stamps that need Many Friends such as:
1.- Igloo Party ( Throw an Igloo Party for 10 Penguins!)
2.- Dance Party ( Party in the Night Club with 10 Penguins!)
3.- Floor Filler ( Dance in the Night Club with 25 Penguins!)
4.- Play it Loud ( Form a Full Band at the Lighthouse)
5.- Berg Drill ( Dance with 30 Penguin wearing Hard Hats at the Berg)
6.- Fort Battle ( Throw Snow at the Forts with 5 Penguins at the Same Color)
7.- Ninja Meeting ( Meet 10 Black Belts in the Ninja Hideout)
We will have TONS of Fun! Be sure to come, I will be waiting you!!!

Stamps are Here!!!!

Hello! Guess what? Today Club Penguin released the Stamps and gave all of us a Free Stamp Book! In the Image below you can see how it looks at your Playercard:

Here appears how it sees when you are seeing the Player Card of other Penguin... ( In this case Loulou11207 is the Model )

This is how your Stamp Books looks after you open it: A notification will appear every time you earn a new Stamp!

As you can see in the Image below, other penguins and I are very happy because we have earned the Iceberg Stamp! ( Dance with 30 Penguins wearing Hard Hats at the Berg)

There is also a Section where you have to earn Stamps by meeting Club Penguin Celebrities!!! If you want to follow STEP BY STEP these Stamps, go to the Dark Falkner´s Blog named "Stamp Penguin"! There you will find more Information about the Stamps and the Stamp Book! Good Luck earning the Stamps!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chat Box!

Hello Penguins! I have created a New Page on the Blog named "Chat Box!" There you can contact me automatically if you want to say something important to me. The chat is only for fun and entertainment, remember that if someone breaks the rules he or she will be banned. The Rules are on the down part of the Page, but here I put them so you can read it Right now:

Rules of the Chat Box:
1.- Don´t give personal Information.
2.- Don´t use racial, sexual or any other bad language.
3.- Don´t use bad words.
4.- Remember that not because the name says someone that you know it means that is that person.

If I am not available in my Chat maybe I am at Dark Falkner´s Chat or at Loulou11207´s Chat. See you later!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


 Hello Penguins! I have made a New Page: Banners! But, what is this about? On that Page, you can find Banners I have especially maked for the Blog and also you will see Banners of great Followers of the Blog! If you are a Very Good  Followerof my blog, just send me a Comment with the HTML of your Banner! ( the other way I can put your Banner there is by winning on one of my Contests! ) I removed the beggining < sign so the HTML can appear as letters. If you want one of those Banners, when you are pasting the HTML at your blog just don´t forget to include that symbol ( < ) at the beginning.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Underwater Adventure!

Hello Penguins! Club Penguin released the Play "Underwater Adventure". I searched on ALL the Costume Catalog for a Secret but it seems that no secret hides there... If you want to see the Costume Trunk Catalog just click here!
I have made a Special Survey on the "Vote Page" about Club Penguin Plays. The Choices are:
- Ruby and the Ruby
- The Quest to the Golden Puffle
- Underwater Adventure
- The Secrets of the Bamboo Forest
- Norman Swarm
- Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal
This Survey will be only here until July 25!

New Category and little Changes...

Hello Penguins! I have the winner of the "Most Creative" Penguin Category of the Best Penguins Awards 2010!
And the winner is: Me! Thanks for voting for me the ones who did... Well, again, I have two announcements:
1.- The Next Category is the "Best Costume" Category. For this Category, Pips and Lou have to send an e- mail to my Penguin mail: ( before July 25 ) with a Picture of his/ her Penguin wearing their best Clothes. The Images of Both Penguins will be shown on the Blog, so you can vote for the one who has the Best Costume. For this Votation, Pips4lucy and Loulou11207 can´t not vote.(Because if they do they will not have somebody else to vote excpet his the other Participant.
2.- The Last Days Dark Falkner posted a comment on the Post named  "New Category" :
-Yay!! I'm glad I won and all but what's going to happen when you get to your last category? There will only be one person left!! What if that last person doesn't fit that category? If only more people had signed up for the Best Penguin Awards 2010.. when you get to Best Penguin, can you make it so everyone participates?-
So, you are right, Dark Falkner! Once we have the "Best Costume" Winner, we will made a little change with the Penguin that remains: I will make a Special Survey in which you will have to vote for one Personality that that Penguin has and that differences her/ him from everyone else. More information coming soon...
So Loulou1207 and Pips4lucy, both have until July 25 to send me an e- mail to my Penguin e- mail I mentioned before with an Image of your Penguins wearing their Best Clothes. Until then, the Vote Page is Momentary Closed. Good Luck!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Newspaper #249!

Hello Penguins! Today Club Penguni released the Newspaper edition #249. This edition tell us more about the Stamps and the Stamp Book. Here are the Events:
- August 6: Penguin Style
- August 20: Better Igloos Catalog and Igloo Upgrades
- July 27: Stamps released
It seems that the Stamps will be released on July 26 ( a day earlier). The Newspaper explains how you can use the Stamp Book at the Special Section " How to". Important Announcement: The LAST Day to vote for the Category of "Most Creative" is Tomorrow, but on July 23 special instructions will be given to Participants of the Best Penguins Awards.

Sixth Field- Op!

Hello Penguins! Club Penguin released the Sixth Field- Op. You have to search for a Computer on the Island. What I know, is that only TWO Computers exist on all Club Penguin. The one at the Cave Mine, and the One at the Recycling Plant. Let´s try at the onbe at the Cave. Mmm, no... So, it has to be the Computer at the Recycling Plant! Oh. we are right! Now let´s do the Mini- Mission... This Field- Op is a very different with the other ones... You have to match the Pairs until all the Energy is completed. To do this, move the Cube with your Keyboard arrows to match it with the Correspondant Pair. Good Luck!