Monday, July 26, 2010

Stamps are Here!!!!

Hello! Guess what? Today Club Penguin released the Stamps and gave all of us a Free Stamp Book! In the Image below you can see how it looks at your Playercard:

Here appears how it sees when you are seeing the Player Card of other Penguin... ( In this case Loulou11207 is the Model )

This is how your Stamp Books looks after you open it: A notification will appear every time you earn a new Stamp!

As you can see in the Image below, other penguins and I are very happy because we have earned the Iceberg Stamp! ( Dance with 30 Penguins wearing Hard Hats at the Berg)

There is also a Section where you have to earn Stamps by meeting Club Penguin Celebrities!!! If you want to follow STEP BY STEP these Stamps, go to the Dark Falkner´s Blog named "Stamp Penguin"! There you will find more Information about the Stamps and the Stamp Book! Good Luck earning the Stamps!

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