Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Category and little Changes...

Hello Penguins! I have the winner of the "Most Creative" Penguin Category of the Best Penguins Awards 2010!
And the winner is: Me! Thanks for voting for me the ones who did... Well, again, I have two announcements:
1.- The Next Category is the "Best Costume" Category. For this Category, Pips and Lou have to send an e- mail to my Penguin mail: ( before July 25 ) with a Picture of his/ her Penguin wearing their best Clothes. The Images of Both Penguins will be shown on the Blog, so you can vote for the one who has the Best Costume. For this Votation, Pips4lucy and Loulou11207 can´t not vote.(Because if they do they will not have somebody else to vote excpet his the other Participant.
2.- The Last Days Dark Falkner posted a comment on the Post named  "New Category" :
-Yay!! I'm glad I won and all but what's going to happen when you get to your last category? There will only be one person left!! What if that last person doesn't fit that category? If only more people had signed up for the Best Penguin Awards 2010.. when you get to Best Penguin, can you make it so everyone participates?-
So, you are right, Dark Falkner! Once we have the "Best Costume" Winner, we will made a little change with the Penguin that remains: I will make a Special Survey in which you will have to vote for one Personality that that Penguin has and that differences her/ him from everyone else. More information coming soon...
So Loulou1207 and Pips4lucy, both have until July 25 to send me an e- mail to my Penguin e- mail I mentioned before with an Image of your Penguins wearing their Best Clothes. Until then, the Vote Page is Momentary Closed. Good Luck!


  1. Since I have problems with my email, can I give you a link to a picture of me waering the best clothes?

  2. Oh ok, I will do that soon!