Thursday, July 15, 2010

Super- Post!

Hello Penguins! Guess what? Because I didn´t post these three days because technical problems, I have decided to post ALL the things I missed until today in this single post!!!

Today Club Penguin released the Newspaper #248. It seems that many events will be taken on this month... If you want to see it, just click here or go to the Catalog page where you can play mini- games or see the actual catalogs!
The Fifth Field- Op is now available. You have to find a Microphone to fix it before it wrecks. THIS IS A REAL MISSION! To find a single microphone on ALL those Microphones on all the Music Jam? Wow! That´s crazy!!!

But, what Microphone? The Center Microphone at the Forest! This Field- Op is the Same as the First One! You have to uncover the Secret Pairs and fix the Microphone!

Just as the Newspaper of this week said, there are New DVD´s to use in the DJ3K Game! A Tip: To increase points, bring your Yellow Puffle to the Game! Click here to see the actual DJ3K Catalog!

There are NEW Instruments at the Music Jam! Just click here to see the actual Music Jam Instrument Catalog!

Billybob have sended us a Sneak Peek Image of what´s new on July... Hey, I have seen that crab before! It is at the Aqua Grabber Game!!! And that seems a Dancing Penguin! It seems that these have something to do with Games...

That´s all, my Fiends! See you later!!!

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