Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chat Box!

Hello Penguins! I have created a New Page on the Blog named "Chat Box!" There you can contact me automatically if you want to say something important to me. The chat is only for fun and entertainment, remember that if someone breaks the rules he or she will be banned. The Rules are on the down part of the Page, but here I put them so you can read it Right now:

Rules of the Chat Box:
1.- Don´t give personal Information.
2.- Don´t use racial, sexual or any other bad language.
3.- Don´t use bad words.
4.- Remember that not because the name says someone that you know it means that is that person.

If I am not available in my Chat maybe I am at Dark Falkner´s Chat or at Loulou11207´s Chat. See you later!


  1. How did you get your picture in the backround?

  2. When you are creating a chat box and choosing a Background Image, click (Click for more or use your own). Then, choose the option 2 Search the Web for a Background Image". Introduce the URL of the Image you want, and finally choose that Image!

  3. Oh ok!!! Thanks!!

  4. Ok im following you

    New Club Penguin Poll!!

    Comment and answer question!!

  5. To get in the giveaway for the code

    Say (Im In)