Thursday, July 15, 2010

Best Penguins Awards 2010 Begins!

Hello again! The Best Penguins Awards 2010 has officially began! The participants are:
- Loulou11207
- Dark Falkner
- Pips4lucy
- Me
YOU will vote for the Penguin that you think is the appropiated for each category. The categories are:
- Best Penguin
- Most Creative
- Best Clothes
- Best Technicist
And the First Category is: "BEST TECHNICIST"! So, what Penguin do you think is the Best Technicist?
Pips?  Dark?  Lou?  Or me?
To vote go to the Special Time- Limited Vote Page that is on the Upper part of the Blog. Anyone can vote. You can only vote ONE TIME. I will also vote.
You can´t vote two times for the same Penguin so all the participants can win a Category, so think before choosing. (You can´t vote for Yourslef) Remember, if you don´t win a Category, it doesn´t mean that you don´t have that personality! You can only vote for the Category of "Best Technicist" until July 18.