Monday, July 19, 2010

New Category!!!!

Hello Penguins! I am very sorry for the delay... Well, I have two announcements:
1.- I have the WINNER of the Best Penguins Awards´s Category of "Best Technicist"! And I am sure that you know what Penguin is: Ladies and Gentlemen, give a very loud applause to Dark Falkner!!!! Congratulations, Dark Falkner, you are the winner of the "Best Technicist" Category, and all of us think that you REALLY deserves this!
2.- Because Dark Falkner has already won the "Best Thechnicist" Category, he will not longer participatelike a candidate in the votations, (but of course he can vote!), remember that EVERY Penguin that participates as a Candidate on the Best Penguin Awards has to win a Category. Now, the New Category is: "Most Creative"!!!
So, who is the most Creative?
Pips?  Lou?  Or me?
Remember: we have TWO categories left after this one:
- Best Clothes
- Most Original
Remember, think very much the Penguin that you will vote for this Category. See you later!!!

1 comment:

  1. Yay!! I'm glad I won and all but what's going to happen when you get to your last category? There will only be one person left!! What if that last person doesn't fit that category? If only more people had signed up for the Best Penguin Awards 2010.. when you get to Best Penguin, can you make it so everyone participates?