Saturday, July 31, 2010

How to get the Soda Treasure Stamp

Hello! Maybe you are still searching for the Soda Treasure at the Soda Seas Levels, right? I searched and searched on ALL the level but I couldn´t find it. But finally I know how to GET the Soda Treasure. I will give you Some instructions:
1.- Enter the Aqua Grabber game, and choose the Soda Seas Level. First of all, you have to recolect all the Soda Barrels. Go to the Cave that has the fifth barrel. Then, crash with the top of the cave. A worm will fall, and then catch it.

2.- Once you catched the worm ( Bait), go and search for the Fish ( Fluffy ) and make it "eat" the bait. Or, go and deliver the worm on the Net to get a Stamp. You can get the Bait all the times you want!

3.- Go and search the Mullet ( at the Fourth Barrel ) or deliver the Fish at the Net to get another Stamp. Once you have found the Mullet, make it "eat" the Fish. Then, crash into something to let it free. Pass throught the Caves and go dwon. If you want to get another Stamp, deliver the Mullet on the Net but VERY CAREFULLY, delivering it is very difficult.

4.- Once you are down, you will se a bunch of Gold Coins. Then, a crab will appear and will began to take one by one the Golden Coins. ATTENTION: Don´t take any of the Coins. Just wait until the crab takes each single Golden Coin. But, if you want to get another stamp, get all the Coins that are in the Bunch. HINT: If the crab takes one, take it before he leaves.

5.- Maybe you think that the crab is very avaricious because of ALL the coins it is taking. But, instead, he will recompense you with a much bigger item: THE GEM!!! Thanks Crab!

Now we have our Soda Treasure Stamp! Good work!!!

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