Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Playlist!

Hello again! Finally, today I get my own Music- Player Playlist to put in the Blog! This Player can show you the Video and at the Same time the Audio, and the Best Part - is Pausable!!! The Playlist is located at the Right- Down Part of the Blog. There you can see videos I will put if a Play, Party or something is happening. The Player starts automatically when you enter the Page, and the only video- music that is ACTUALLY there is the E.P.F. Music. I will be adding Music with the pass of time, so you can hear Club Penguin Music on my Blog!
In other news, the Last day to vote for the Category of "Best Technicist" of the Best Penguins Awards is tomorrow, July 18. On Juy 19 there will be a New Category, so, hurry up if you haven´t voted already! I perfectly understand when a Person has more than one Personality and you don´t know for what category choose him or her... My tip is: Think about the Personalities of that person and then choose what he has the Most!


  1. How did you get the one that looks like Saraapril's on the top left?

  2. I removed it because it doesn´t worked (for me) IF you want to try, search with Google the word "DEWPLAYER" (That´s the name of the Widget)