Monday, July 26, 2010

Mysterious Visitor?

Hello Penguins! I was seeing the "Who´s Amung Us" Map application when I saw a Visitor Point in the OCEAN...., so  I began investigating. Then I discovered that Many Blogs have that same visitor:

- Octa4208´s Application

- Cena12121´s  Application ( Here we can see other two Ocean Visitors!)

 - Danodo´s Application

- Rosie7721´s Application ( When I taked this Photo TODAY that visitor was online!!! PLUS another visitor near Canada!

- Asulio´s Application

So, who is this Mysterious Visitor? Well, anyway, I am glad that Penguins all around the World visit Club Penguin Blogs :) Important Announcement: Loulou11207 and Pips4lucy haven´t sended me the Image of the "Best Clothes" Category of the Best Penguins Awards... Please send it as soon as Possible!!!

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