Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Squid at Aqua Grabber Entry!

Hello! Today I was at Club Penguin earning Aqua Grabber Stamps, and I was at the Updated Aqua Grabber Entry. That´s when I heard a BEEP. I saw the Radar and I saw a Point, and it was coming nearer! The Beep became sounding FASTER AND FASTER.  Then, I saw the Squid!!! By the excitation I could´t take many photos ( Click Images to enlarge ) If you have seen this Squid before, send a Comment with your experience! See you later! ANNOUNCEMENT: I am still waiting for the Images of Lou and Pips for the "Best Costume" Category, please send the URL of the Image as a comment or to je45rry@hotmail.com The contest is very delayed!

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