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Upcoming Events: May!

Hello penguins! As you may know, April is almost finished and May is about to start! This means, that many funny upcoming events are going to happen in Club Penguin next month! That's why I am making this post, to inform you about every single upcoming event in May. First, I think that it is important that you see this post if you haven't: Club Penguin's Schedule There you will see a picture of what Club Penguin wants to realize every month, until July 2011. Just before I start, you may have noticed that the "Easter Party 2011" haven't taked place yet, though it appears scheduled for this Month, April 2011. Some days ago, many penguins where talking if the Easter Party would be cancelled or not, but in my opinion, it will not take place this year, and Club Penguin at least made the Easter Scavenger Hunt. Well, yesterday the Club Penguin Times #289 was released, showing us some upcoming events in May. Here are the upcoming events:

- Now: New Stamps released!
- May 6: Medieval Penguin Style
- May 13: Better Igloo Catalogs
- May 20: Medieval Party 2011!

Those are the Upcoming events that the Newspaper shows us. But, what other upcoming events are coming also in May? Well, according to the "Club Penguin's Schedule" picture, there are two more upcoming events. Here they are:

- Blog Revano
- "Big EPF" Launch

Well, the "Blog Revano" means that the Blog ( maybe Club Penguin's Community Blog ) will be renovated, which means it will change look, and maybe organization ( in other words, system ) But, I wonder what could mean "Big EPF Launch" I think that it haves something to do with Herbert and Probot, but I'm not completely sure. Maybe the "Big EPF" will be the same EPF Headquarters but expanded; bigger. And I think that, only maybe, that could mean something else for Agents. Maybe a new Mission, or a new enemy, or maybe just a new game. But, do you remember that some months ago, we discovered a secret video in the EPF Headquarters! ( click here for more info. Also click here to see and Exclusive ) In the video, appeared some future secret entrances located at the Beach, Cove and the usual one at the Every Day Phoning Facility ) This means that maybe, with the launch of this "Big EPF" these secret entrances will be also launched with it! So, here are ALL the upcoming events that will take place in May:

- Medieval Penguin Style
- Better Igloos Catalog
- Medieval Party 2011 ( and New Quest! )
- Blog Revano
- "Big EPF" Launch

But, there is something else. In an e-mail I sent to Club Penguin some weeks ago, giving them and idea of mine. And in the answer, they wrote in a sentence: "Club Penguin definitely has some really exciting updates for puffles coming soon as you may have seen" This means that maybe very soon, something new for Puffle might be launched! I can't wait to see all the Upcoming events in Club Penguin, specially the "Big EPF" Launch. What do you think about all these exciting upcoming events? Do you like any one in special? Feel free to send a comment with your opinions and questions, I'm always here to answer you! Thanks for reading and see you later in CP! :D

NOTE: This post might be updated soon, so please be checking it for more information :) Oh, and also please follow me in my Twitter account @cpJe45rry so you can get the latest news. Thanks! :)

UPDATE: What's new in May and June!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Someone Else ( Part 3 )

Attention: This story is for people of 10+ years.

So horrible, that he had to close his eyes, and then he screamed of horror with such intensity that he alerted all the teachers that still where in the School.

Jerry couldn't breathe. He couldn't move. He just continued screaming, until some teachers arrived to the Bathroom, alarmed by Jerry's screamings. But when the Teachers saw what caused Jerry's panic, they soon called to the Police. There, in the Bathroom, was Pedro, one of the School's Janitorial Cleaners....


- Oh my god!!! Oh my god!!! - Jerry screamed in complete panic, as the same time he began to cry and covering his mouth. The Teachers knew that Jerry couldn't kill Pedro, because Jerry could not be able to kill someone else. They took Jerry to his classroom, and he sit in a chair that was there.
- Calm down, Jerry... it's ok now, just calm down... - said one of the Teachers
Jerry, never in his entire life, had seen something like that. He couldn't calm down easily, but he did some minutes later.
- Jerry, we need you to tell us. What happened? - said another Teacher
- I... I only went to the Bathroom... and opened the door... - said Jerry, with his eyes red by all his already dry tears.
The Police soon arrived, and they undertook the case of Pedro. Obviously, some minutes later, the Forensic Medical Service arrived.
- Don't worry, we will discover who did this - said the Forensic's team leader to the School's principal - but, just answer me this question: How old was Pedro? -
- Umm... like 45 years old - said the Principal, really sad
Then, Jerry's mom arrived to the School, and when she saw the Police, she got very alarmed. She started to search Jerry until he found him with the help of a Teacher.
- Oh my god, Jerry, what happened here?!? - said her, confused
- Let me explain you, madam - said the Teacher - Jerry doesn't wants to repeat the same horrible story -
When the Teacher finished talking with Jerry's mom, she said to Jerry:
- Oh gosh, I am so sorry, Jerry. Are you ok now? -
- Yes, mom... I'm fine - answered Jerry

Jerry's mom took him to the car, and they started their way to the Ice Cream's Shop, so Jerry could at least forget for a moment what happened some minutes ago. It was raining with more intensity, and the wind was incredibly strong and cold. In the way, Jerry's mom ( Mary ) noticed how Jerry was cleaning his tears by the cold. His cheeks where red. When they arrived to the Shop, Jerry's mom asked him:

- What delicious dessert do you want? Choose any - she said, smiling to him.
- Ummm... I woudl like to eat a banana split - said Jerry
- In the way - said the clerk
Then, they took the only table that was available, one that was just in front of the window. They sat down, waiting for the Banana Split.
- Don't worry, Jerry... everything will be alright - said Mary ( Jerry's mom )
- I... met him when I was in first grade, mom... I'm am really, really sad -
- I'm very sad, too... and I am really sorry to hear that, Jerry. But he is in a better place now, and you don't have to be sad for that -
- A banana split - said a clerk, giving Jerry what he had requested.
- Thanks - Mary said to the Clerk.
Jerry saw his banana split. It was really big. He began eating it, enjoying. Minutes passed by, and the rain never seemed to finish. The other clients, one by one, started getting out of the shop. After 20 minutes, the only clients that remained in the Shop where Jerry and his mom. But then, something strange happened. The door, which was automatic, opened, with no one near the Sensor. With the same velocity it opened, it closed.
- Who entered the Shop? - asked Jerry, nervous.
- Ummm, no one.... It should be the wind - answered Mary - Jerry, I'm going to the Bathroom, would you like to stay here? I will not take too much time - she said.
When she went to the Bathroom, Jerry was alone in that part of the Store.

Or at least that was what he thought.

He finished eating his Banana Split, but when he was going to deliver the plate, he saw something. In the bottom of the plate, where some strange black glasses. It seemed that someone placed the Banana Split over those glasses. He toke them, and he said:
- What? How did these glasses appeared here? -
Then, he put the glasses on. What he saw was incredible.
Everything was of a strange distorted color, like of the colors of a rainbow. In the center, the colors seemed to turn black. Suddenly, he saw through the glasses something that froze him, but at the same time amazed him. Pedro, the School's Janitorial Cleaner that he thought that was dead, was entering the Shop! The automatic doors opened when he entered the shop, and they closed when he was already in, which always happened when someone entered the shop.
- Impossible!! - Jerry thought - He was dead!! -
One part of him was confused, but another part was really happy to see Pedro. Then, Jerry's mom got out of the bathroom. Jerry was surprised to see how his mother walked aside Pedro without saying anything.
- Jerry, where did you got those glasses? - she asked, confused.
- Mom, see! Pedro is there, the person that I thought that was dead! - said Jerry, pointing to the place where he was seeing Pedro through the glasses. Jerry's mom turned his head around to see, but then she said:
- Jerry, there's no one there. The complete shop is alone, only we are here. Now, take off those glasses and let's go to the car -
Jerry was confused, because he was seeing Pedro through his glasses there, in the Store. But when he go the glasses off, he panicked.

There was no one else there, only his mom and himself.

"Someone Else" Part 3 is registered and it is protected. Part 4 coming soon!

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Someone Else ( Part 2 )

Just before you start reading this part, just to make you know that "The Journal" parts have already been deleted from this Blog. Also, please remember that the Image that you see in this story part is taken by me so please don't copy. It is also protected :)

20 years later, Mexico City, Mexico. April 26, 2011

- Jerry, wake up! - said Jerry's mom - you are late to school, so wake up now!
- Come on, mom... just 5 more minutes... - said Jerry, tired
- So sorry Jerry, but we don't have 5 minutes, wake up now -
He waked up, tired. He didn't slept well that night, because his Math Teacher, Mr. Oscar, decided to put extra homework to his group by misconduct. Jerry took a shower, had breakfast and he got out of the house. But then, he saw something strange.

- Mom, what happened to the tree? - he asked, confused
Jerry's family had a tree since they began living in that house. It was always green and leafy, because they always gave it water. But that day, the Tree was completely different. He had lost all of its leaves, and it was completely dark.
- Oh gosh, the tree, is it dead?!? - said Jerry's mom, surprised
- Impossible, mom! We watered it yesterday! - Jerry said
- Well, we will find out what happened to it in other time. Let's go! -
Jerry and his mom entered the car, and they began their way to the School. In the way, Jerry was listening to his favorite song through the radio, "Hurricane" from "30 Seconds to Mars". When it finished, his mom changed the station to see the temperature. It was 24 celsius. Then, they heard:

<< Good morning, Mexico City. We start the day with terrible news. A man identified as George Jellygrew was found dead in his house, located at Keningston Avenue, #745. According to some sources, the Police still can't find the responsible of this murder. This is alarming, because it's the 5th murder in the month in the City and no one can find the responsible of these five murders. Every victim has the same characteristic: an injury in his head and another one in his right hand. Sources from other parts of the world also confirms the existence of a possible serial murderer, which leaves the victim with the same characteristics I have already mentioned. Remember to stay alert, citizen, and if you see any strange activity around you or your house, please report the Police by calling the Telephone of the Security's Department. We hope that the responsible of all these murders will be discovered. >>

Suddenly, the signal failed. The sound turned to static, and Jerry's mom turned off the radio. Then, it began raining, and Jerry's mom activated the car's Windshield.

- Don't you think this is really strange, mom? - said Jerry.
- What? Are you talking about the murders, Dear? You don't have to worry about that... - said Jerry's mom, trying to sound the less worried possible.
- I know, mom... but it's strange that all the victims have the same injuries in the same body parts, and no one can find the responsible! -
- Oh dear... not everything in this world is very easy to understand. Sometimes, we will find something really strange, that we will never find a logic reason to it. But you have to be sure of something, Jerry: You don't have to worry about all this -
 When they arrived to the School, Jerry took an Umbrella to get out of the car and then, he entered the School. When he arrived to the Classroom, he found everyone talking with each other. Then Victor, Jerry's best friend, came to Jerry, and he said:

- Hi, Jerry! - said Victor
- Oh, hi Victor. Did you heard the Radio transmission this morning? - said Jerry
- What transmission? Are you talking about the new murder? -
- Yes, that one. Don't you think this is quite strange, Victor? -
- Of course I do, Jerry.... all those Victims, with the same injuries, and no one can't find the responsible?!? That's really weird! -
- That's exactly what I say! - said Jerry, impressed
Jerry and Victor couldn't continue with his discussion, because the Teacher, Ms. Gregoria, entered the classroom.
- Good morning, class - she said
- Good morning, Ms. Gregoria - said the class, with the same monotony as always. Everyone wanted to talk, but they knew that Ms. Gregoria was very strict with the students.
Ms. Gregoria was the class' History Teacher, the less favorite one.
- Today class, we are going to talk about our ancestors. We will start with one theme: their religion. Everyone knows that our ancestors had really awesome thoughts about nature, and they shared their ideas of it. But some of them believed in very unusual things, now named as "Black Magic". Some of them thought that, making some rituals, they would get etern life, so they could practiced forever their bad actions -
The rest of the class was only "bla bla bla" for the entire classroom, and when the ring rang, everyone said a kind of "Phew"
- I'm glad this class is over. These things are kinda boring... -said Victor
- Umm, I think it is interesting... all these things about "Black Magic", don't you? - said Jerry to Victor, trying to do not make him angry.
- "Black Magic" interesting? Jerry, that is the most false thing I have ever heard! It doesn't exists! And if it exists, it would be the most horrible thing in Earth - said Victor, trying to sound the most angry possible.
Jerry and Victor didn't talked during the rest of the day, and the School went over. Jerry was waiting his mom to arrive outside the school, but minutes passed by and she didn't arrived yet. So he decided to enter the School and wait her there. It was 14:19 P.M., and he was in the School Backyard. No one was there, and he felt alone. Then, he wanted to go to the Bathroom. He started walking, and when he arrived to the Bathroom, he quickly opened one door that was there. Then, he saw the most horrible thing in his life.

So horrible, that he had to close his eyes, and then he screamed of horror with such intensity that he alerted all the teachers that still where in the School.

Made by Je45rry. Part 3 coming soon! ( All rights reserved )

Someone Else ( Part 1 )

Hello, everyone! As you may noticed, I started a new story named "The Journal", and I have posted 2 parts so far. In the story, you could read what was happening in it by a Journal, but I have been thinking to turn the story to my normal way, writing it as if it was happening at that time. And yes, I decided to turn it to that way. Why? Because in this way ( present way ) you are reading like if that is happening right now, reading the character's textual dialogs, not like in the "journal way", because in that way you where reading like if all that already past, and I think that posting in that way ruins the mystery, and in "present way" everything is more interesting. So I decided to change the story to present way, and make a new story named "Someone else" Well, after I post the first 2 parts of these story I will eliminate the other 2 parts from "The Journal". In other words, "The Journal" story is been cancelled and replaced by "Someone Else" story. Attention: This story is for people of ages 10+. The images you will see in this story are originally taken from me :)

Someone Else

Porto, Portugal. November 28, 1992

( Radio Transmission )

&lt;&lt; Security Police from all parts of the city has been alerted just after a call was sent to Porto's Security department, saying something about a dead man in a house; which direction was Mapletown Street #564. The report was true, a man identified as Jonathan Breyman was found dead in the bathroom. The victim seems to have a strange injury in his head, and another one in his right hand. The Forensic Medical Service is already operating, trying to find the responsible of this horrible murder. The Police has already interrogated the person that sent the call ( identified only as "Gary" ). According to some witnesses, Jonathan Breyman was last seen at 15:09 P.M. ( local time ), the time where he was entering his house, some hours before the Police discovered his body at 20:34 P.M. of the same day.

After the interrogation with "Gary", the person that sent the call informing the Police about Jonathan, the Police has concluded ( with help of the Forensic Medical Service ) that he didn't killed Jonathan. The Police also interrogated Jonathan's neighbors, and according to them, Jonathan began acting in a strange way some weeks ago. "I can only say the he wasn't him", said one neighbor. According to the Forensic Medical Service, there are no proves that Jonathan was killed by someone else, but it is impossible that he could suicide. The injuries he presents couldn't have been made by himself, even in an accident. There are no fingerprints, no tracks or hints that can lead to the responsible. So the question remains: Who killed Jonathan? >>

Made by Je45rry. Someone else Part 1 is already registered and it is protected.

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Earth Day Party 2011 here!

Hello penguins! As you may know, the most important thing that is happening in CP right now is: Earth Day Party 2011! Yeah! As you know, these party is made by one reason: to have fun learning how to protect our planet Earth! Club Penguin is really happy to announce that these party will help the environment of different places, such as Africa. CP has focused in Africa's animals ( most of Africa's animals are endangered ) Everyone knows that Africa is a continent really awesome by its nature, which has a really big amount of animal and vegetal species. Well, not only in Africa are many species, as you may know. There are many countries in the World that are named "Megadiverse" because they contain very special nature. Countries like Madagascar, Sudafrica, Mexico, USA, Brasil, China, India, Malasia, and Australia are Megadiverse. There are some other megadiverse countries in the World, and each one of those countries is really special. But many of these countries contain endangered animals. That's CP purpose, to protect those endangered animals. Maybe this sounds some kind of boring to you, but it is important info :) Well, let's continue...

As you may know, the color that represents Nature is: green!!! Why green? Because most of plants' leaves are green. That's why the Club Penguin's Town is painted in green. In my opinion, painting the Town in green was a really good detail. If you start looking around the Island, you will see that some rooms have been changed to appear the most environment - friendly possible. Places like the Dock, Snow Forts, Plaza, Forest and Town are now environment - friendly. And if you can notice, in the Dock and the Snow Forts are some posters. They give you information about a certain animal and offers you to buy a costume that will support that animal's environment! And if you can see, the Snow Forts has been changed to seem a Snow Leopard's habitat. And that is the animal they are going to help if you buy a costume by $50. Also the Dock has been changed to seem an Africa Painted Dog's habitat. You can also buy its costume by $50. Only members can buy these costumes :( Well, here are some places I recommend you to visit:

- Dock
- Forest
- Town
- Plaza ( special video! )
- Snow Forts
- Recycling Plant
- Rockhopper's Ship ( yes, he is here! )

In other news, I have been thinking in my new future CPI story. I have a great idea for one story, I can't wait to post the first part! It will be a little different from my other stories, because this time YOU are going to experience another person's life in a, well, in a journal... Thanks for reading and remember to do your best to protect the planet so we can keep it green! Thanks again and see you later in Club Penguin!

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CPI Stories: Information you would like to know!

Hello, everybody! I'm sure that you have noticed that I have been posting stories here, in Club Penguin Info. All these stories are created by me, and they are protected ( all rights reserved ) Just to remember you that you can't copy from this blog without my authorization and without giving be credit about my stories. If I discover that someone is copying my stories without giving me credit about that, I will have to disable right - click in the blog and maybe I would never post a story again. I still have many ideas for new upcoming stories, so don't make me cancel all that, please. In other things, I also made this post to tell you how did all these stories came to my mind. Well, here they are:
  • Numbers
It was a normal day, and I was thinking about what new could I make with the blog. In that moment, the idea of creating stories and posting them here came to my mind. I always liked to show my stories to the world, so I began writing Numbers. I started to think "¿of what think can I do my story?" and "¿will they like my stories?" In that moment, I saw my clock, and after that I began doing homework. My geography's teacher wanted us to find coordenates of places as homework. Then, I got the idea of two boys that find secret numbers and strange people in their city. If you read the end of my story, you would never think that that could happen, right? Well, that's how I made Numbers. But after that, I wanted to make more stories... :D If you could notice, this story doesn't mentions in what place it starts, it only mentions Madrid, Spain.
  • Photos
One day I was thinking what other story could I make for the blog, but I didn't have an idea. I went to sleep, thinking about it. Then, it happened. I had a strange dream ( or maybe nightmare ), where I was in my own house. It was really dark, there where no lights. I was in the second floor, but then I heard a strange noise coming downstairs. I, feared, began to walk down the stairs, carefully. When I arrived to the first floor of my house I didn't saw anything out of the normal. But then, I heard that a glass crashed. I soon noticed that the glass that crashed was a glass box than I had there. But when I walked to see it, I was really surprised. It didn't seemed to have crash lines, instead it had some birght things at the center. But then, the worst thing happened. I saw that there was a mirror in a wall. I don't know why, but I just walked there to see it. But then, I saw something horrible. A man, with old clothes like of the last century, was in the mirror. Then, he taked out his also - old camera. He extended his arms up, and he pressed the button. The light was released from the camera. Then, he smiled at me! Some seconds later, I waked up. Since that moment the idea of making Photos came to my mind. The story takes place in Indianapolis, Washington DC and New Jersey.
  • 4522912
    It is my most recent story. Some time ago, some persons said that if you called a number in the telephone, you would hear something really strange. I was really confused, but I never tried to call. I was thinking about that in my car hearing music, and then the idea came to my mind: a Telephone number that calls ( you know who ) would be a very good idea for a story! Since that I started writing the story, adding new things, just like the Telephone Number, the city, etc. I began thinking in all the electronic things that I could mention in the story, and then I choosed: Printer, TV, Telephone, Radio, Car, Elevator; and tried to turn them into mysterious machines. I recently finished writing the story :) It takes place in Seattle, just like the "Twilight" movie #3.

    So, what's coming next? I have many ideas for new stories... so I will choose the one that I most like and I will soon begin posting the story parts here in the blog :D Where it will take place? I am thinking that this time it will not be in USA.... What do you think? Also, I would like to thanks you for reading my stories. Thanks for all your good comments! Keep like that and I wil be making new and more cool stories :D Thanks for reading my post and don't forget that if you want to read my stories again just go to the "CPI Library" page in my blog and start reading! 4522912 will be added soon :) Thanks again!

    Monday, April 11, 2011

    4522912 ( Final Part! )

    Day 5
    Final Day

    - Jerry, wake up! Wake up!! - said my mother, worried
    - Mom, what happens? - I asked, tired
    - It's 7:10 A.M.! You are late to school! -
    - What?!? - I asked, as the same time I get out of the bed.
    As I ran to the kitchen to take a breakfast, I saw that my mom was looking at me with a strange face.
    - Mom, was going on? - I asked
    - Why didn't you told me all this before? - she said to me, sad
    - Do you mean about 4522912? -
    - Yes, that telephone number. Why didn't you told me everything in the first day all these strange things started to happen? Why, Jerry? - 
    - I... I don't know... I just couldn't, mom... I thought that if I told you that, you would think I was crazy or something like that... - 

    My mom sat down in a chair that was near me. Then she said:

    - Jerry, I just want the best for you. I would never think that you went crazy. Never, because you are my son. You can tell me everything you want, and I will believe you - she said, looking at me directly in the eye. 
    - Ok, mom... I'm sorry... - I said

    After I finished my breakfast, I quickly got dressed, brushed my teeth and entered the car. In the way to school, I saw something really strange. In the park, the street, and even in their cars, every single person was talking by the phone with someone else.

    - Jerry - said my mom - when all this things are going to end? -
    - Hopefully today, mom - I said - but be in alert, I think something really bad is going to happen... -
    - Something like what? -
    - I don't know, it's different every day... - I said, nervous
    - I see... don't you think that this is really strange, Jerry? - she said
    - Yeah... why does ( you know who ) has a telephone number? And how did he get it? This is so confusing... - I said

    Meanwhile, in Seattle's electricity department:

    - Sir - said Kyle, one employee
    - What happens, Kyle? - said Gary, the department's leader.
    - Sir, our sensors are detecting something very unusal. According to my stats, the use of electricity in the city is increasing really fast. Also, we have receiving reports from Seattle's Communication Center, saying that they have also detected very unusual telephone activity these last days... - Kyle made a pause - and that 90% of all the city is, well, using the telephone today!
    Gary was so impacted that he couldn't talk for a few seconds. Then he said:
    - What?!? That's impossible, Kyle! We have never reached that number! -
    - I know, sir.. but I have something else to tell you... - said Kyle, nervous
    - What is it? -
    - The last time we detected a telephone increase in the City was in January 7, 2011... just when Robert Jaley was found dead in his house, with his telephone in his hand -
    - What? - said Gary, confused
    - Yes, sir... and before that, in January 1, 1984, we also detected a telephone increase... just the day when Jon Klay was murdered, also... -
    - Wait a second, Kyle... are you trying to convince me that this has something to do with paranormal activity?!? -
    - I would like to say no, sir... but, I think that yes... - said Kyle, shaking
    - And how could this be possible? -
    - I don't know exactly, sir... but Seattle's Communication Center also send me a notification -
    - A notification about what? -
    - They think that these murders have something to do with a telephone number, sir... a telephone number that calls -
    Kyle couldn't finish his sentence, because something terrible happened.
    His telephone began ringing. But he became feared when he saw his Cellphone. It was red.
    - Are you going to respond or what? - said Gary
    But Kyle immediatly throwed his cellphone to the floor just after he saw who was calling.

    Meanwhile, in Jerry and Steve's school:

    - Steve! - said Jerry
    - Jerry! I am glad to see you! How has been going everything? Have you, well, noticed something different? - said Steve
    - Well, yes... today I saw that everyone was talking in the Phone... did you noticed that? -
    - Umm, yes... really strange, don't you think? -
    - Yes... - said Jerry, nervous
    - What happens? -
    - Steve, what do you think is he going to try today? - said Jerry, shaking
    - Oh... well, I don't know, Jerry... but don't worry about that, we will be all right. I promise -

    Meanwhile, in Seattle's Communication Center:

    - Sir!  Sir, I have to talk to you!!- said Stan, one employee
    - What happens, Stan? - said James, the Center's manager
    - Sir, we have an emergency! -
    - What?!? -
    - The big use of electricity and telephone activity is causing electric fails in all the city! If this doesn't stops soon, the entire city lights can turn off by an overload! -
    - What can we do, Stan? -
    - I don't know, sir! You are the manager, you are supposed to know what to do, don't you?!? -
    James was embarrased.
    - It's ok, Stan... I will find a way to avoid this. Meanwhile, go out with others to the streets and try to reduce electric use by telling the people about this. But be fast, we don't have so much time! -
    - Yes, sir - 

    Many people say that knowing that you are going to die soon is one of the worst things someone can feel. But one of the things that you can always count with is the thing most important in the world:
    And Jerry and Ricky never lost their hope. That was the reason that they where still alive.

    The school seemed to be really large for Jerry and Ricky, because they knew that it could be the last class of their lives. When it finished, their where really nervous, and obviously, in panic. Every step they made where really careful. Before they decided to go to a place like the Library or even the Bathroom, first they analized all the possible ways to die there. And yes, it sounds a little bad, but that's the true. When Jerry's mom arrived, Steve said to Jerry:

    - Jerry, can I be with you today? I think that if we are together we will be more safe... -
    - Of course, Steve! - Jerry said
    - Come one, Jerry, please enter the car now... - said Jerry's mom - oh, is Steve coming with us? -
    - Yes, mom... - said Jerry
    Steve and Jerry entered the car, and it started its way, really carefully.
    - Steve, Jerry, can you go with me to my office right now? I have to check something... - said Jerry's mom
    Jerry and Steve didn't knew what to respond, until Jerry said:
    - Ok mom -
    - All right - said Jerry's mother
    The office building was really big and tall, like aproximately 50 floors. Jerry's mom office was in the floor #34. They had to use the elevator to get there.
    - Come on, mom! - said Jerry, as the same time Jerry and Steve entered the elevator.

    But that, was a terrible error.

    In that moment, the elevator's doors closed immediatly, with Jerry and Steve inside. Jerry's mom couldn't enter the elevator, and she was screaming of panic, maybe knowing what was happening.
    - Mom!! - screamed Jerry inside the elevator, in panic.
    They tried to stop the elevator clicking all the buttons they could, the emergency button, stop button, open doors button but no one of them was working. They feeled that the elevator was going up really fast.
    - 10, 11, 12, 13, 14...!! - said Jerry, looking the screen of the elevator that showed in what floor they where.
    They where screaming, pushing the door, walls and even jumping to try to get out of the elevator.
    - 29, 30, 31, 32, 33...!!! - said Jerry, almost crying
    - What is he going to do with us?!? Throw us to the air?!?? Stop! Please Stop!! - said Steve, as the same time he was still clicking all he buttons.
    - 45, 46, 47, 48, 49...!!! -
    But just before the elevator reached the last floor, it suddenly stopped, making Jerry and Steve almost crash with the elevator's ceiling, and making them fall.
    Everything was silence.
    Jerry was the first to stand up. Then, he helped Steve to stand up, too.
    - What happens? Why did the elevator stopped?? - said Steve, hardly breathing
    But just before Jerry could say something, the elevator, with the same energy it was going up, started to go down.
    - No!!! Stop, please stop!!! - screamed Steve
    - We are going to crash with the floor if this doesn't stops soon!!! - screamed Jerry.
    To their horror, the elevator's lights turned red, and it seemed to be wind inside it.
    - 13, 12, 11, 10, 9...!!! -
    - This is our end!!! We are going to die!!! - screamed Steve, now crying
    - 4, 3, 2, 1...!!! -
    The crash that Jerry and Steve where waiting for didn't happened. Instead, the elevator continued going down, to their horror.
    - -4, -5, -6, -7?!? - could read Jerry in the screen - How's this possible?!? -
    But when they where like in the floor #-13, began the heat.
    - Oh my god, oh my god!! Where are we going?!? - screamed Steve
    Meanwhile, with Jerry's mom, she was trying to find someone that could save his son and Steve.
    - Help!!! Someone help me!!! - she was screaming, desperated.
    - What happens?!? - said a man that was there
    - My son and his friend are inside the elevator and they can't get out!! -
    - Calm down, madam... how do you know that? -
    - See!! In the screen appears that they are in level -26!! How is that possible?!? - she screamed
    The man saw the screen, and he immediatly tried to call the Police.
    That was another big error, well, at least not for Jerry and Steve.
    That was the call that made the city's electricity collapse. All the lights turned off, and nothing electronic that was connected to a switch was working.
    - Oh, no!!! - said Kyle, in the Electricity Department
    But, in that moment, the elevator where Steve and Jerry where trapped stopped, just in floor #-49. Then, something really amazing happened. The elevator started to go up, slowly. When it was in floor #0, Jerry and Steve received a message from their cellphone. But when they arrived to floor #1, the doors opened, and Jerry and Steve get out running as fast as they could, crying of happiness that they where alive.
    - Jerry!!! Steve!!! - said Jerry's mom, crying of happiness - are you both ok?? -
    - Yes mom, we are ok!!! - said Jerry
    They knew that that was the last trap from 4522912, and that they where free. Some minutes later, the electricity started working again, and everything went to normal.
    - Steve - said Jerry
    - What happens, Jerry? -
    - Did you received a message from your cellphone? -
    - Oh, yes! Let's see it... -
    But when they saw the message, they panicked.

    Hi again, Jerry and Steve. 
    I see that you finally survived my tests. 
    Congratulations. You both are still alive.
    This ends here. Now, I have to go.
    I have some calls to make.

    From: 4522912
    ( Unidentified and Unkown Number )

    4522912 was created by Je45rry. It has already been registered and it is protected. All rights reserved. Don't call.

    Saturday, April 9, 2011

    Club Penguin e-mails: CP Magazine and Herbert!

    Hello, everyone! I have been sending e-mails to the Club Penguin team ( ) showing them some of my ideas and asking some questions. I started asking about the rumor of a "Club Penguin Magazine", which appeared in the Club Penguin's Schedule image. Before I sent the e-mail, I was wondering "how could it be?" and "what could it contain?". I thought it could be a magazine with information, posters and secrets about Club Penguin. Some months before, some penguins started this rumor, and everyone was wondering when would it be out, selling. Here is what I said to Club Penguin in my first e-mail:

    From: Je45rry
    To: Club Penguin Team

    Hi! Long time ago I didn't send Club Penguin a message :) Well, I heard rumors of that a new "CP Magazine" is going to be launched soon. Is this true? If so, what could it contain? Thanks! :D

    To: Je45rry ( reply )
    From: Club Penguin Team

    Hello there friend,

    Thanks for your email to us!

    I am really happy to hear that you are still having a fin-tastic time waddling around our website my friend. At this time, I don't know any news about a new catalog that could be coming our way online. I really hope that we could see a new catalog soon though because that would be so awesome!
    What were penguins talking about with a new catalog? We would definitely love to hear more about this fun rumor!

    On the other flipper, the best way to learn about the cool things coming to Club Penguin would be by checking out the What's New blog from time to time to see what kinds of things Billybob found for us. Here's the link to our blog my friend:

    I hope that this helps you out. Please let us know if you have any cool ideas that you would like to see online, we are always looking for new ways to make our website a more fun place to play on.
    Waddle on my feathered friend! 

    Hmm.. well, it seems that the person that sent me this "doesn't knows" something about the Club Penguin Magazine... but the image shows that a "CP Magazine" could be launched soon! Also, I didn't mean a CP Magazine ONLINE... ( as the person said in the e-mail ) I was talking about a CP Magazine made of paper... That's kinda strange, don't you think? Well, my second e-mail to Club Penguin was about protecting nature and about Herbert P. Bear Esquire... If you read my post "What could be Herbert planning?" , you can see that Herbert has been planning something with Probot to strike the island soon... here is what I said to Club Penguin in the e-mail:

    From: Je45rry
    To: Club Penguin Team

    Hi Club Penguin! I was reading your posts in the CP Community blog and I am really happy that you want to help endangered species! Then I had an idea: maybe 40% ( or more ) money of the total money that will be recolected by bought memberships this month could be donated to protect nature! Also, I have been investigating about what could be Herbert planning and I discovered that it could have something to do with crabs and a special machine... maybe with wheels! What do you think? Thanks! :D 

    From: Club Penguin Team ( reply )
    To: Je45rry

    Hey there penguin pal,
    Thank you for your email!

    Oh that dastardly Herbert! What could he be up to with an other machine? You could be right, but then again... He's such a secretive bear. What do you think he needs crabs for? This is all so mysterious.

    It's so great to see how dedicated you are to helping to save the Earth my flippered friend! We are too! Did you know, Club Penguin helps children in need all over the world by donating a portion of our proceeds from memberships to worthy causes. We support projects like schools, libraries, clean water, and health and safety for communities in need. To learn more about the ways that Club Penguin is making a difference around the world, I encourage you to visit the link to our Global Citizenship page:

    I have forwarded your request to our Kids Helping Kids Department. You will receive a response from this team shortly. Please keep in mind that we receive many requests from all over the world so we are not always able to fill them all. For future requests, you can contact our Kids Helping Kids team directly at ---------------. 

    Awesome! As you can notice, I replaced the e-mail that Club Penguin Team gave to me with -------. I made this because I don't want any problem, but if you want to contact the "Kids Helping Kids" department with an ecologic idea, please tell me and I will give you the e-mail. And as you can read, the person that sent me this also didn't know very much about what could be Herbert Planning. I think that we will have to wait to see his latest invention... and I hope that it will not cause SERIOUS problems to the Island. Thanks Club Penguin for these e-mails! Remember that if you want to contact the Club Penguin Team just send an e-mail to "" and you will receive an e-mail from them soon. You can send your e-mails with an idea, complaint or what you want, just remember to don't be mean, you could get banned, I think. Thanks for reading and please comment with your opinion! :D

    UPDATE: There was a confusing error in the e-mails I posted. I have updated the post, correcting the errors. Please read it again, it will be easier to understand.

    Friday, April 8, 2011

    Reviewed by You: Animals!

    Hello penguins! Billybob has posted in the CP Community Blog the "Reviewed by You" of this week. If you remember, last week he asked: What's your favorite room of the Party? ( April Fools Party ) I told you that my favorite room was the "Stair Dimension" Why? Well, because it was really original... al those stairs, ways and chambers where really confusing and awesome, though I only saw it in a photo, because believe it or not, I'm not a member! I got all my clothes from unlocked items of Club Penguin videogames, codes, etc. But if you are a member and you visited the dimensions, you could clearly notice that each single dimension was different, and realy cool. I think that this year's April Fools Party was the best one Club Pengin ever had. I hope that next April Fools Party will be more awesome! Well, Arctic293's answer was selected! Here is what she said:

    Hmm... that's a tough one. Well, I'd have to say the Stair Dimension, because it is fun and my penguin gets to walk upside down and dance upside down as well!! waddle on cp!!

    I agree with you, Arctic 293! Though it was a really short answer, I think that it is a good one... Well, in the post Billybob also remembers that the Earth Day Party is going to arrive this month ( April 21 ) , so he made a question about the planet this week. Here is what he said: This week we'd like to talk about animals. During the upcoming Earth Day Party, we'll be celebrating animals and their natural habitats. We want to help protect the environment and endangered animals like the Snow Leopard. So we want to know... What is your favorite animal, and what do you like best about it? Let's see, my favorite animal is, the dog! I like that they are really good with humans, and that they protect us. I'm really glad that CP worries about the animals and nature, and that they want to help! I really agree with their idea about protecting endangered species, like the Snow Leopard. What do you think? Thanks for reading! :D

    Wednesday, April 6, 2011

    What could be Herbert planning?

    Attention: The next information is only for EPF Agents. All this information is classified and the investigations are still running, so it's content can change in any moment.

    Agents: Lately we have been receiving strange information about Herbert and his last re - invention, Probot. As you may know, Herbert is a Polar Bear that has been causing trouble in the Island these last years. Our first clue that taked us to know his existence was a strange fur that you, agent, gave the PSA some years ago. His plans have been getting stronger, so strong that he ended destrying the Penguin Secret Agency, almost one year ago. Later we discovered that he had an accomplice, a crab named Klutzy, who saved Herbert life when he arrived to the Island. After years of ingenious ( but at the same time, fail ) plans, Herbert re - constructed Probot, an evil robot. We have been intercepting messages that Herbert and Probot have been sending to each other, and according to what they say, we suspect that they will make something really bad very soon. Here are the messages ( since we began suspecting that he would make something new ) :

    March 3, 2011
    From Herbert to Probot:
    UP10k Probot! We've wasting enought time attacking the EPF's System Defender! Those fowl fools are better than I thought. We need a plan. Send the wheelbot to my lair, I need its design. Oh and stop calling me "Polar Bear"! 

    March 9, 2011
    From Herbert to EPF Agents:
    WHAT??! HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU DESTROY ALL MY BOTS?! Do you have an idea how long it took to create all of them? They don't just grow in trees! Mark my words -- you will not be as luck again!

    March 14, 2011
    From Herbert to Probot:
    Probot - I think those pesky penguins are on to us. They must have decrypted our message! For now, only send messages with the crabs. We have to take down the EPF Communication System!

    March 21, 2011
    From Gary to EPF Agents:
    Good work, Agent! You jammed Probot's signal, and restored EPF Communications. It will take a few days fore me to work out all the bugs, but we'll be back online in no time. Be ready though - Probot must try his strategy again. 

    March 28, 2011
    From Rookie to EPF Agents:
    Hey Fellow Elite Agent, good work finding this signal! Here's what it said: "Click Click Clickety! 0_0 Click ka-click =P" I'm 36% sure this is from a crab. I'm going to try translating it Wish me luck! 

    April 5, 2011
    From Herbert to Probot:
    Probot! Those cursed agents are still a step ahead of us. Be more careful where you're hiding your messages. Don't do ANYTHING until we have a plan. Let's wait until the next noisy celebration to strike!

    As you can see, agent, this means Herbert and Probot have been constructing something. In the first message it said something about a Wheelbot. In the game for DS "Herbert's Revenge", you can see a Barrel with wheels... maybe it could be the Wheelbot they are talking about! The machine is like this: silver wheels, brown barrel, silver shovels in the front and with a secret entrance. Be alert, agent. In the message from Rookie in March 28, 2011, we can see that Klutzy ( or maybe another crab ) send a message to Herbert and Probot in its own language. But the message that most worries me is the last one, ( sent yesterday ). We can clearly notice that Herbert and Probot will attack the next party, the Earth Day Party! But, what does Herbert wants to try? Maybe he could use the Wheelbot to destroy all the plants, but we don't know exactly its use. Also, Jet - Pack guys sent us a message saying something about that the mysterious Crab in the Puffe Launch game was "not Klutzy". But Club Penguin normal crabs aren't that intelligent to control an Aqua Grabber!

    According to this information, Herbert may use a new machine to strike the Island, and that machine is probably the Wheelbot, or maybe Probot. We don't really know what Probot can do, but we know that he is intelligent and can think by itself. But, does Herbert had helpers to repair Probot? As you can read in my post "Where could Probot be hiding?" , you can notice that Brown Puffles maybe had something to see with Probot's return. If they helped Herbert to repair Probot, they could helped Herbert repairing ( or constructing ) something else! What do you think Herbert is going to do? Send a comment with your opinion! Thanks for %3r-&9e$"hf?8$"e&2h%8r LOST SIGNAL.

    What's new in April and May! ( with extra information! )

    Hello! Club Penguin has posted in the CP Community Blog a sneak peek and upcoming events that will be happening this month and next one, in May. They already gave us some information about upcoming events for members, but now they give us more information and specify better everything. If you already noticed, the April Fools party has ended :( But that doesn't means that fun will not be in Club Penguin! The CP Team has been planning new upcoming events that will surely surprise us. If you can remember, some months ago I posted an image that the CP Team gave us. It was Club Penguin's Schedule and there appeared almost every upcoming event of the year. Click the link to see the post, if you want. According to the picture, in April will be released:
    • April Fools Party
    • Earth Day Party
    • Easter Party
    • Online G.fting 1.1 ( ??? )
    • New "CP Magazine"
    • Possible new stamps for the Ice Fishing game
    Many parties, don't you think? By the moment, only the April Fools party 2011 has been launched. Soon the Earth Day Party 2011, and so on. I exactly don't know what "Online G.fting 1.1" means, so we will have to wait to see what it is. I am really excited to see the new "CP Magazine"! Also, there could be new stamps for the Ice Fishing game. Awesome, don't you think? And this is only for April! There are other upcoming events for May. Here they are:
    •  Medieval Party
    •  Blog Revamp
    • "Big EPF Launch"
    Awesome! Though there is only one party, I think that the "Big EPF" will be really surprising. But, why should CP make a new EPF? That's interesting... maybe because a consecuence of something, just like the EPF public admission that was made because the PSA ( Penguin Secret Agency ) was destroyed by Herbert with the Popcorn bomb. Do you think Herbert is planning something else to destroy EPF? I will talk about that in another post soon... Well, here are the upcoming events that Billybob talks about in the CP Community Blog:

    • Earth Day Party with two brand new animal costumes!
    • New stamps for games!
    • An epic new Medieval Quest for members... 
    • More new interactions for puffles... stay tuned for more info here on the blog!
    • (Shhh... this one's for secret agents only...) Some brand new Elite Gear... and something new with a certain polar bear named Herbert...
    • And more...
    Cool! There it mentions something new about Herbert, maybe it could be a new Mission? If so, I can't wait to play it! Also, in the image Billybob gave to us appears something like a swamp with frogs... could it be a future new room for the party? Thanks for reading and don't forget to post a comment with your opinion about this :) Thanks again!

    Tuesday, April 5, 2011

    CP Membership Updates, April 2011!

    Hello, penguins! As always, Club Penguin has actualized the Membership page and it has now information about what's coming for members this month. Also, if you haven't noticed, Club Penguin rised the prices of the memberships... why do you think they made that? Maybe because something awesome is about to happen, or theu just wanted more $ money. I think that they should turn the prices as they where before, penguins don't want to pay extra money for a Membership. What's your opinion? Also, if you can remember, April is the "Earth Month", because it is dedicated for our beautiful planet, Earth. That's why Club Penguin wants to make a party in Earth's honor, as the same time they teach children how to help the Planet. Last year, CP opened the Recycling Plant ( in the Mine ) to see all the positive ways of recycling things that seemed useless for some people. Here is what Club Penguin says about the upcoming events for members in April:

    The badge is your key to unlock exclusive items, games, parties, and events.  Check out what you can access with your badge in April:

    - Celebrate Earth Day with exclusive animal costumes
    - Show your support for the planet with the clothing from the gift shop
    - Earn rare stamps during the Earth Day party
    - And prepare ye for a new Medieval quest - coming in May!

    Cool! I hope that part of the total money given to CP by buying memberships will be donated to preserve nature and endangered species in our Planet. And that about "Earn rare stamps during the Earth Day Party" seems interesting... why "rare"? Maybe something new will happen this time! What do you think? Also, it says that in May a new Medieval quest will be in the Island, so we can't loose it! By the moment we have 2 Medieval quests, with this new one should be three. I can't wait for these parties! Thanks for reading and see you later! :D

    Sunday, April 3, 2011

    Reviewed by You: April Fool's Party!

    Hello everyone! Billybob has posted in the CP Community Bog the "Reviewed by You" of the week. This tame, he talks about this awesome April Fools party. I really liked this party, it is different from all the other ones: new rooms, everything is wacky and there are boxes and silly surprises everywhere! Also, if you didn't know already, Rookie is now an official Club Penguin mascot! Yeah! I think he really deserves this, he is a really good penguin. Last week's "Reviewed by You" question was: How you've helped your local community? Shophiepearl3's answer was selected! Here is what she said:

    A time a friend and I helped out the community was when we volunteered at the local animal shelter. It was really fun and it made me think of all the penguins at the puffle shop! There was all sorts of animals and all different colors like puffles! It felt great to help out the community! Waddle on CP!!!

    I am really glad that you helped, Shophiepearl13! Now, this week's question is: What's your favorite room at the party, and what do you like best about it? In my opinion, my favorite room is the "Stair Dimension" ( you can enter it only by the Box Dimension ) because it is really funny and confusing. It has many hallways and rooms that makes you think every different way you can take there. Also, one of the things I really liked of the party of this year is that really much things are new, specially those dimensions at the Box Dimension. But, hurry up if you want to enjoy the fun; because April Fool's Party 2011 ends soon! In other news, I have been working on 4522912 last part lately, and before I post it ( it will be soon ) I want to remind you that it is protected and registered. If you copy, I will know and you could be in problems. Also, remember that you can still vote in the "Would you like a contest?" poll that is in my last post. Please comment and thanks for reading!