Monday, January 31, 2011

Where could Probot be hiding?

Hello Penguins! Today I decided to make a post to analize where Probot ( and Herbert ) could be hiding. To start, let's remember some things:

- Probot was destroyed in 2008
- Herbert has been trying to beat EPF Agency and PSA for so much time
- Some months ago, EPF received its first threat. G suspected it wasn't Herbert...
- Probot send EPF some messages saying he need more parts
- The EPF finally announced that Herbert was the responsible of Probot's return

Now, let me take you to August 3, 2010. That day I made Herbert's Biography , where I posted the most relevant information about our well - known Enemy Herbert P. Bear, Esquire. In Herbert's Biography, Part 2 I posted the next image:

- Locations:
Oldest Location: Club Penguin wilderness, Cave ( Red )
Location #2: Club Penguin wilderness, beyond Ski Lodge ( Orange )
Location #3: Club Penguin wilderness, near Mine ( Purple )
Newest Location: Club Penguin wilderness, secret base under ground ( DS Herbert´s Revenge ) ( Red )
Herbert´s Iceberg ( Yellow )

Now, it is probable that he has another secret base. And wherever it is, Probot must be there. But the question is, where? Well, we know that the Wilderness is so big that we are still finding new areas in the Island. But this give us another question: Is probot hiding OUTSIDE of the Island? I mean, Brown Puffles where discovered in a little Island out of CP Island. Happy77 asked this in an interview: "Does Brown Puffles have something to do with Probot?" As we know, Brown Puffles LOVE doing machines... what if they helped Herbert ( I hope that without knowing that he was Evil ) to repair Probot? If so, Herbert and Probot must be hiding in the same Island where Brown Puffles where discovered, but in a secret room. I hope Brown Puffles will not turn to an enemy to Club Penguin. Please leave your opinion in a comment! :D

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