Saturday, January 8, 2011

4522912 ( Part 4 )

Then he pressed TALK.
We stared for a few seconds, waiting for an answer. No one was answering Steve's call. Then we heard,

<< The Number you are trying to call doesn't exists. Please make sure you have the correct number >>

- See? That number is only a fake! - I said
But in that moment, something happened. Something that made me shake.
The Telephone was ringing.
- Who's calling? - Steve said to me
I saw the Telephone. What I read in it was horrible.

Uncoming call from 4522912

- Jerry? What happens? - asked Steve
- 4522912 is... calling us! - I screamed
Steve looked the Telephone. Then, he looked at me.
- So, are you going to respond? - said Steve, smiling
- What? Didn't you heard that that Telephone Number doesn't exists?!? If it doesn't exists, how is that it can call us!?! - I said, in panic - I will not respond! -
- In that case, I think that I should respond - said Steve, taking the Phone.
- No, you can't, Steve! -
Immediatly, I taked the Telephone from Steve's hands before he could press the TALK button.
- Hey, what are you doing? - he asked angry
- No one will talk with no one until we know who is calling - I said
I taked my Cellphone and I called to the Police.
- Seattle's Police Agency, what do you need? - said a Police.
- Hello, I am receiving a call from someone in my Telephone and I need you to localize where is the person that makes the call - I said
- Ok, what's your Telephone Number? - he asked
After I told him my Telephone Number, he said,
- Ok, don't worry. I'm tracking it right now, just wait a moment -
Steve and I waited a few seconds, until the Police said,
- I'm sorry man, but according to my Telephone tracker, the call comes from your own house... -

Made by Je45rry    4522912 All rights reserved     ( Part 5 coming soon! )

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