Monday, January 24, 2011

Field Op #31!

Hello Penguins! How are you? Today Club Penguin released the Field Op #31. Let's see what G want us to do now at the EPF Headquarters:

Agents - Ultimate Probot has returned. But who rebuilt it? And where is it hiding? We need answers!
We must began our search. Work together to scan the Wilderness for enemy signals. Be on alert for emergencies.

So Ultimate Probot has returned? Ummm, to be honest I never heard about it before :S lol Well, let's go to the Wilderness to see what we can find. But, where can the signal be? Oh, I will try on that rock that is located at the Right of the first step of the maze. Oh, look! I was right! :D

To do this Field Op you have to match the correct patterns to get the secret code. Once you finish a message from G will appear. ( Click Image to Enlarge ) I think that the one that sent this message is Herbert. Why? Because there says: "Never send a robot to do a GENIUS'S job" And if you remember Herbert always says that he IS a GENIUS. Please comment and see you later! Remember to follow me in Twitter as @cpJe45rry Thanks and see you later! 4522912 Part 6 in next post! 

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