Friday, April 29, 2011

Upcoming Events: May!

Hello penguins! As you may know, April is almost finished and May is about to start! This means, that many funny upcoming events are going to happen in Club Penguin next month! That's why I am making this post, to inform you about every single upcoming event in May. First, I think that it is important that you see this post if you haven't: Club Penguin's Schedule There you will see a picture of what Club Penguin wants to realize every month, until July 2011. Just before I start, you may have noticed that the "Easter Party 2011" haven't taked place yet, though it appears scheduled for this Month, April 2011. Some days ago, many penguins where talking if the Easter Party would be cancelled or not, but in my opinion, it will not take place this year, and Club Penguin at least made the Easter Scavenger Hunt. Well, yesterday the Club Penguin Times #289 was released, showing us some upcoming events in May. Here are the upcoming events:

- Now: New Stamps released!
- May 6: Medieval Penguin Style
- May 13: Better Igloo Catalogs
- May 20: Medieval Party 2011!

Those are the Upcoming events that the Newspaper shows us. But, what other upcoming events are coming also in May? Well, according to the "Club Penguin's Schedule" picture, there are two more upcoming events. Here they are:

- Blog Revano
- "Big EPF" Launch

Well, the "Blog Revano" means that the Blog ( maybe Club Penguin's Community Blog ) will be renovated, which means it will change look, and maybe organization ( in other words, system ) But, I wonder what could mean "Big EPF Launch" I think that it haves something to do with Herbert and Probot, but I'm not completely sure. Maybe the "Big EPF" will be the same EPF Headquarters but expanded; bigger. And I think that, only maybe, that could mean something else for Agents. Maybe a new Mission, or a new enemy, or maybe just a new game. But, do you remember that some months ago, we discovered a secret video in the EPF Headquarters! ( click here for more info. Also click here to see and Exclusive ) In the video, appeared some future secret entrances located at the Beach, Cove and the usual one at the Every Day Phoning Facility ) This means that maybe, with the launch of this "Big EPF" these secret entrances will be also launched with it! So, here are ALL the upcoming events that will take place in May:

- Medieval Penguin Style
- Better Igloos Catalog
- Medieval Party 2011 ( and New Quest! )
- Blog Revano
- "Big EPF" Launch

But, there is something else. In an e-mail I sent to Club Penguin some weeks ago, giving them and idea of mine. And in the answer, they wrote in a sentence: "Club Penguin definitely has some really exciting updates for puffles coming soon as you may have seen" This means that maybe very soon, something new for Puffle might be launched! I can't wait to see all the Upcoming events in Club Penguin, specially the "Big EPF" Launch. What do you think about all these exciting upcoming events? Do you like any one in special? Feel free to send a comment with your opinions and questions, I'm always here to answer you! Thanks for reading and see you later in CP! :D

NOTE: This post might be updated soon, so please be checking it for more information :) Oh, and also please follow me in my Twitter account @cpJe45rry so you can get the latest news. Thanks! :)

UPDATE: What's new in May and June!

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