Monday, May 31, 2010

June Sneak Peeks!

Hello again! The Club Penguin Team has brought us Three Images of what is coming up in June.
1.- The First One seems to be a Ship.
2.- The Second one seems to be related to the E.P.F.
3.- The Third one seems to be a Penguin with feathers.
I think that a New Water Party is coming up! See you later!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

E.P.F. Headquarter here!

Hello again! Guess what? The Sport Shop has become the Phoning Facility" office! But, Surprise! That´s the place that access you to the E.P.F.!If you click your Spy Phone, click "Go Now!" to take the E.P.F. test! This are the things that you have to do to have a Score of 100:
1.- Throw a Snowball to the Target.
2.- Walk to the Green Square. Then , run as fast as you can to the Red Square.
3.- Before you hide, throw a Snowball to Camera #2. Then hide on one of the Collumns so that you can´t be seen.
4.- While the Cage Trap is loading, Throw a Snoball to the Electric Box; or only wait where you are.
Then you will pass the Test and you will become an E.P.F. agent! Then, you will be able to access to the E.P.F. Command Room.
Note: If you noticed it, the Initial Letters of "Everyday Phoning Facility" form "E.P.F."!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sport Shop Remodelation!

Hello Penguins! Like you already know, the HQ, Sport Shop and Part of the Ski Village were full of Popcorn. Club Penguin has started the Sport Shop remodelation. All of the Sport Shop has been closed to be re-constructed but there´s something misterious... You can´t access to the Sport Shop by anyway, including the HQ entrance. Here are some Relevant information:
1.- There´s an E.P.F. sign on the Floor.
2.- The Snow and Sports ctalog is temporarily located at the Ski Village.
3.- There are Free Miners Hard Hats.
The Club Penguin Team have also led us a Photo of how Agents will look in the Future.
Be alert, Agents!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

P.S.A. Message at Newspaper!

Hello Penguins! Guess what? Another Secret Message is hidden at the Newspaper! To see it, click the "Popcorn Everywhere at Sport Shop" Section. Then point with the Mouse the Words "Social Scene" until they become Red. Then Click it. The Message says:

Attention Agents:
As you know, our PSA Headquarters have been compromised by Popcorn. Do not worry. We are makng plans... We will update it very soon. Stay Sharp.

Be alert, Agents!


Hello Penguins! If you have already done Mission 11, you may Remember how Herbert destroyed the HQ by a Popcorn Explosion. Now, you can see Popcorn everywhere on the Ski Village, Sport Shop and HQ! There is an Offert of "All you can Eat" Popcorn .
At the HQ, there is a "To do List". But, if you Observe carefully, the First Letters of each caption forms "E.P.F."!(Elite Penguin Force) We have to be attent, Agents!

Mission 11 here! (Part 5)

13- Click the Paper that is on the Case. It will say: "Orange Book". Click the Orange Book. A secret button will appear.Then enter the Game.
14- Order the Lights by their correspondent Colors. Then, Dot will appear on the Case.
She will teleport you.

What happens next is very Impressive, so you have to see what occurs by Playing the Mission. Good Luck!

Mission 11 here1 (Part 4)

10- Go to the Mine. Enter the Laberint. Her you have to pass the Laberynt by following the Clues. You have to have a Complete paper and a Table before getting to the River.
11- To pass the River, put the Table up there. Then, throw some Seeds to one of the Fires. Go up.
12- Talk with Herbert and unplug his Computer. He will teleport someting with you back to the HQ.

Mission 11 here! (Part 3)

8- Go to the Dock and fill the Can with Water. Go to the HQ, then to the Gadget Room. Put the can on the Test Chamber. Choose Ice.
9- Go to the Penguin on the Beacon and give him the Len you maked.He will give you the Len that is on the Down- Right part of the Screen. Give the Brown Penguin the Len.
10- Click the Box that is beneath the Screen. Put on the DVD. After Rookie talk with you, click again the Box, untorn the Little Signal Compartment and click it. Play the game by decoding the Secret Code.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mission 11 here! (Part 2)

5- Go to the Sport Shop and enter the first Change Room. Talk with Herbert.
6- Go to the Lighthouse, take the can, the Spray and the Disk.
7- Go to the Beacon and talk with the Orange Penguin. Offer your help.

Very soon Part 3.

Mission 11 here! (Part 1)

Hello Penguins! "The Veggie Villain" Mission is here!
1- First talk with G. Then respond to him that those seeds are Corn Seeds.
2- Then go to the Gift Shop and talk woth Rookie. Take out the Seeds that are in the Floor.
3- Go to the Gift´s Shop office and talk with the "Yet Pack Guy", and then take the Seeds that are on the Floor.
4- G will call you, but the Signal will Fail. Go to the Ski Hill and talk with the Brown Penguin. Offer your Help.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

PSA Message at Newspaper!

Hello Penguins! Remember Herbert´s Message at the last Newspaper (Issue #238)? This week´s Newspaper the PSA has give us again another Message that says:

Thank you for your work to decode Herbert´s Message. The Director is very impressed with your secret agents skills. But this message concern us...

(And then Herbert´s last Message)

To see it you have to go to the Top Secrets Section, and then, point with your Mouse the Word (Classified) until it is More Gray than Normal, and then you click it. Be reday Agents, for the Next Mission this May 18!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mission 11 Confirmated!

Hello Penguins! The Club Penguin Team has confirmated the Launch of Mission 11 on May 18, just like Herbert´s Message said! This New Mission is named 2The Veggie Villain". It seems to be conneced with the Package of Seeds Herbert let on the Floor last Mission! The Club Penguin team also have brought us an Image of the Future New Mission. It seems to be a Forest of Corn... Agents, be ready for the New Mission this May 18!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Medieval Party Here!

Hello Penguins! The Medieval Party has Begun! These are the Places I liked the Most:
- The Beach
- The Lighthouse
- The Forest
- The Ski Hill
- The Ski Lodge
- The Pool
- The Gift Shop
There is a Free Item at the Lighthouse: The Wizard Hat.
In other things: Stay Alert for Herbert or Klutzy Sightings in the Island!
Enjoy the Medieval Party!

Herbert´s Message at Newspaper!

Hello Penguins! On the Newspaper #238, if you click at the Events Section, an then Click at the Message Icon, there a Messgage will appear! But it isn´t a Normal Message, it is from the PSA (Penguin Secret Agency), but also of someone more: Herbert!
The Message is in Code, there appear Flags instead of Letters. If you go to the Gift Shop and go to the Flags Section at the Penguin Style Catalog, examine each of the First Letter of each Flag that is at Herbert´s Message, and then Rewrite them in Order. The Final Message will be this:

Dear Penguin Silly Agency:
Look Sharp Agent,
I´ll see you on May 18
-Herbert P. Bear
(And then his Paw Firm)

What do you think Herbert is Planning? Be ready, Agents, to May 18!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Medieval Party Sneak Peeks!

Hello Penguins! The Club Penguin Team have brought us Sneak Peeks of the Medieval Party that will begin tomorrow. There are four Images in Total:
1.- The First seems to be related with a Circus.
2.- The Second seems to be related with the New Knight Quest.
3.- The Third seems related to the Pizza Parlor.
4.- And the Fourth one also seems to be related with the New Knight Quest.
Get ready for the Medieval Party!