Thursday, May 6, 2010

Herbert´s Message at Newspaper!

Hello Penguins! On the Newspaper #238, if you click at the Events Section, an then Click at the Message Icon, there a Messgage will appear! But it isn´t a Normal Message, it is from the PSA (Penguin Secret Agency), but also of someone more: Herbert!
The Message is in Code, there appear Flags instead of Letters. If you go to the Gift Shop and go to the Flags Section at the Penguin Style Catalog, examine each of the First Letter of each Flag that is at Herbert´s Message, and then Rewrite them in Order. The Final Message will be this:

Dear Penguin Silly Agency:
Look Sharp Agent,
I´ll see you on May 18
-Herbert P. Bear
(And then his Paw Firm)

What do you think Herbert is Planning? Be ready, Agents, to May 18!

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