Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ultimate Jam 2012 here!

Hello everyone! How are you today? I hope fine! I'm sorry about the delay of this post, I was quite busy these last days... As you may know, the "Make your Mark: Ultimate Jam" began last Thursday in Club Penguin, and it seems to be a very big success! There are many special features in this party, such as the Daily Challenges, the Cadence Countdown, and more; so we're going to talk about all that in this post. To began, let's talk about the characters that are visiting Club Penguin during this party. As many of you know, there are 2 new characters in Club Penguin within this party: Rocky and CeCe; from Disney Channel's show "Shake it Up". I guess CP decided to promote this show during this party because both have a music theme and special dance moves as well. Though all members can buy Rocky and CeCe's costumes, there are only 2 original penguins with those names. If you didn't knew, you can meet them at the party, get stamps and a free background from theirs. Another special character that is going to be visiting CP is Cadence, and you can meet her anywhere in the Island or every certain time in her own Stage, that you can visit in the Ski Village. There, you can also meet the Penguin Band; but the bad thing is that they're bots. I mean, you can't talk with them and they are not going to say anything.

The good thing about meeting them there ( at Cadence's Stage ) is that you will get all their stamps immediatly. Quite strange, right? It took me hours trying to get them in the last parties ( with no success ) and now, just for standing there for 1 minute, I get them all! :/ But well, let's continue: the best features during this party are the Daily Challenges. But, what are they or what they do? It's simple: each day, you will have to complete a special task somewhere in the Island; and you will get a free item. For example: the first Daily Challenge is to dance with a Purple Beatbox in 3 purple spots in the Island. To do this, you ONLY have to wear the purple beatbox and walk into a purple spot. After that, press the "D" key, and your penguin will start dancing. You will have to do the same in 2 more purple spots. The purple spots are located at the Mine, the Cove and the Forest. Once you complete this task you will get a free pin, and you will have to wait for the next day to make another challenge. Sounds easy, right? The bad thing is that the Daily Challenge #4 is for member only, and without it, the special last free item ( for completing all the Daily Challenges ) won't be available for non - members.

Other special features of this party are the brand - new stages and rooms. Almost every single room in the Island was re - decorated for this year's event! Penguins can now gather to dance anywhere. If you didn't knew, in the new stages, the more penguins there are dancing, the best is the stage. I mean, new flashlights turns on, the floor starts shining, and the fun increases! It's something very awesome to see. Also, the "Dubstep Puffle" ( a Black Puffle with green Headphones ) makes special appearances in many places in the Island. Besides all that, there are new catalogs in the Island and new items to be bought, like new Instruments, the new Clothes at the Dock, and more. But what makes this party a little more different from the other ones is that there is a Night Sky in the Island. And as always, here is my list of the places I recommend you to visit the most:

- The Ski Village
- Cadence's Stage
- Forest
- Cove
- Mine
- Town
- Plaza
- Coffee Shop
- Night Club

I think that this party is one of the most interesting ones that Club Penguin has ever had, and I'm very happy that Club Penguin is really improving their parties' designs and themes. Also, it is a very nice party to hang out and have fun with friends, specially by making a band or dancing with different items in front of everyone. What do you think about all this stuff? Please let your opinion in a comment below. But before ending this post, I would like to tell you something: as some of you may already know, Club Penguin is planning to release another advertising party next month. This time, they are partnering an UK fruit company named "Innocent", so the party is going to be about fruits. Sounds quite strange, right? But well, I hope it will be a good party too. Also, I would like to know your personal opinion about my most recent CPI Story, "The Game". Do you like it? Or what would you like me to improve? Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Game ( Parts 1 - 3 )

Hi everyone! Also I am really sorry about the extreme delay of this story part, ( part 3) it was like 7 months! Yeah, a very long time... So, I decided to, in order to make you remember, I have posted the first 2 parts and the new one just below. And if you haven't, please read my other 4 CPI Stories by clicking here. Please enjoy!

Story for people of 12+ ages

[ PART 1 ]

London, U.K. October of 1993. 

Mr. Hudson was always a very nice person. He was really creative, and everyone liked him. He worked in the Computer Technology Apartment at London, in the United Kingdom. His vocation was the Computer Archives Management, in which he created, fixed and modified Special computer archives. He was always proud of his work, and he loved to work on it... but one day, something happened. Mr. Hudson wasn't the same person everyone knew.

- Mr. Hudson, - said Mr. Phil - I think it's time for you to go to your house, don't you think? You've been working all day! -
- I can't... I can't stop working... - said Mr. Hudson

Days passed by, each one with the same weirdness of Mr. Hudson. He never wanted to stop working: his teammates had to put some sleeping pills in his tea to make him rest. Each time someone suggested him to take a breath, he always answered the same thing to everyone:

"I can't stop working"

Everyone started to worry about Mr. Hudson, but they couldn't make anything to help him to come back to normal. Also, no one knew in what he was working so much. Just one day, one of his friends, Mara, sneaked into his office to discover what Mr. Hudson was making, while he wasn't there. She didn't found anything out of the normal, just one New Archive named "The Game" in Mr. Hudson's computer. Days after, she finally decided to ask him about the archive. Mr. Hudson, surprised, said to her, shaking:

- It's something no one has used before... something that will cross virtual reality with real one. I have to hide it... if it ends in wrong hands, everyone will pay that mistake! - he said, really nervous
- Mr. Hudson, trust me. You can tell me everything that worries you - said Mara, scared
In that moment, Mr. Hudson start looking everywhere, really scared and nervous.
- They heard me.. they know that I told you! I have to escape... I have to escape!!! - he screamed of horror, as the same time he ran into his car.

That was the last day ever someone saw him.

[ PART 2 ]

19 Years later, London, U.K.

Jerry Rogers was another student at Fiderside Jr. High School, at London. He was very smart, creative, and he was also very good at jokes. He really liked to mess up their friend's things, throw paper balls at class, and he always liked the way their friends played with him. His best friend was Peter Palks, another guy of his classroom, which knew Jerry since kindergarden. Though Peter wasn't as smart as the rest of his class, he always tried to get the best scores at his exams. He was playful, funny, and everyone liked him. But what both had was their love to videogames.

- Good morning, class -
- Good morning, Ms. Erika -

Ms. Erika was the typical strict teacher at school. She was quite fat, had brown hair, and her voice was a little rough. She was Jerry and Peter's History teacher, everyone's worst subject.

- Today, - Ms. Erika said -  We are going to talk about a very interesting topic... -
- Hey Peter - said Jerry, in a low voice
- What? - answered Peter
- Have you heard about the School Trip we are going to have next week? -
- No! ( said Peter, surprised ) Where are we going to?... -

But to everyone's surprise, Ms. Erika said, with an angry face:

- Peter Palks, shut up and please tell me what I just said -

Everyone turned their heads to Peter.

- Uuuuum... - he said, nervous
- Uuuum what? - said Ms. Erika
- I don't know -
- Really? I thought you did because you where talking so much! -

After that, Jerry decided to remain in silence until the class was over, as same as Peter. But Peter was still distracted in other things. When the class was over, Mr. Steven ( or Mr. Eleeven, as everyone called him ) came to the classroom. Mr. Steven was the school's principal.

- Good morning, students -
- Good morning, Mr. Steven -
- Well, I just came here to make an announcement. Someones may have heard about the School Trip we are going to have next week... but just to inform everyone, the place we are going to is the "Computer Technology Museum". There we will find out more about... -
- Hey Peter - said Jerry
- What? - answered Peter, again
- I have heard about that museum before. Did you knew that real people worked in their own computer systems there in the 90´s? -
- No... and, for me that Museum sounds boring... All of them do, indeed. I thought we where going to a Theme Park - said Peter, disappointed
- ... so remember to bring everything you will need for the Trip. Any questions? -  finished saying Mr. Steven
- Yes - said Mario, the class´ worst student - where can I go to buy some chocolate cookies? - he said, joking.
Everyone started to laugh.
- You shall have more respect, Mario, or you will not go to the trip! -
Hours passed by, school finished, the cleaners made their job and everyone went home.
Everyone except 1 person.

[ PART 3 ]

It was Mr. Steven, walking through the Hallways of the building. He was passing by the classrooms, checking each one of the corners, looking through all the windows, opening all the doors... but he didn't even turned on the lights. By some reason, Mr. Steven always liked to take some night trips in the school, always with the lights off, using a Lantern as guide. So there he was, walking in the darkness.
Schools are really interesting places. There are so many ways to describe them... Although they're one of the most common things in the world, they can be a place full of mysteries. But Fiderside Jr. High School was no exception.

And Mr. Steven knew that.

So there he was, walking.
All alone.

Meanwhile, in Jerry's House:

- Peter, have you finished your homework yet? It's too late! - he said to Peter, via a video call.
- Oh come on, you know I never do homework - Peter answered, lazy.
- Haha, so that's why you fail so many exams! You should start studying. We have the School Trip next week, remember? They won't let you go if you don't improve your scores -
- Aaghhh... ok, I will study. But nowadays, I don't want to go to the museum. It sounds too boring, don't you think? -
- If you didn't knew, there is going to be an exam for it. And it will count 40% of our score! -
- What?!? Mr. Steven didn't said anything about that! How do you know? - Peter asked, surprised.
- Long story... well, I'm going to sleep. See you tomorrow! -  Jerry said, tired.
- Goodbye -

They both knew that that School Trip was going to be different from the other ones.
And they where very right.

Story made and created by Je45rry ( alias ) All rights reserved.