Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Global C.P.I. Assignment!

Hello Penguins! As you may read in the last post, there´s coming a NEW feature on the Blog. They will be called "C.P.I. Assignments" ( Club Penguin Info Assignments ) This assignments will be, as it says, special assignments that I will give you if you accept. Now, the First C.P.I. will be on October. As you may know, October 31 is a special day... it is Halloween! Maybe you are thinking, what it has to do with these Assignments? Well, October´s C.P.I. Assignment will be a GLOBAL one. This means that I need the help of all the Visitants of this Blog so we can get high quality results. This C.P.I. Assignment has been created to do a special Global Average. But, of what? Simple: The Most used Costume!!! For this I need that on all the day of October 31 you hve to create a list on a notebook, book, etc. What you are going to do is this: If you see a Girl with a Witch costume you will put that on the List. And so on on the day. I know that some of you is kinda boring, but if we put on our list all the amoutn of Costumes that kids use on our locality, city, etc., we will get a Very good Global result! Here you can see the amount if visitants on this moment:

Now, all those persons can help. If you don´t want is ok! Once October 31 finishes, you can send me an e-mail with your Stadistics to my Penguin e-mail: , or you can send me a comment with them. If you want, please mention this project on you web page so the result can be better. See you later!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

October Sneak Peek and Announcement!

Hello! Today Billybob telled us on the Club Penguin Community Blog about what´s coming in Ocotober. Here is what he said:

September is coming to a close, which means October is around the corner... and that means Halloween is coming!
Before the island's spooky celebrations can begin, you'll need to prepare. Here's some of the cool stuff to look forward to:
-. Halloween costumes! Look for new and old favorites in the Penguin Style catalog early this month
-. Halloween Igloo Contest - decorators should look out for a new contest starting October 15.
-. Stamps - earn new stamps for your collections this month.
-. Club Penguin's 5th Anniversary Party - the island turns 5 years old on October 24!
-. The island's annual Halloween Party - including a new member maze called the "Dark Chamber"!

Sounds interesting, right? That "Dark Chamber" sounds creepy... Also, very soon I will give you the first C.P.I. ( Club Penguin Info ) Assignment. This C.P.I. Assignment will be about a GLOBAL Investigation. For this, I need all the help from ALL the visitants of this blog so the result can be really good. Later I will tell you what does this C.P.I. Assignment will be about. See you later!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Super Announcement!

Hello!!! Today I have a super announcement to tell you. Do you remember the Hints that I posted days ago? If not, here they are:

The number one means FIRST and the Balloons mean PARTY. But there´s a last hint, a meaning that if you put between the words First and Hint it has the complete meaning.  I decided to tell you what´s the great surprise a little earlier so you can get prepared: The Event that is coming out soon is my FIRST ANNIVERSARY PARTY!!! Yes! The Blog is about to turn one year old! The exact day of the Anniversary is October 7. For this I am organizing a Party, and it has to be the Best Party I have ever made! So I will try to get Special Guests.. I know that when an Anniversary Party takes place it has to be on the exact day. But School, work and responsabilities make hard to decide that... So I am still thinking on what day the Party will take place. The Invitation will be given soon. Comment what do you think! See you later!
UPDATE: The Party details have been decided! This are the details:
Day: Friday October 8
Server: Summit
Room: We will meet at the Town
Hour: 6:00 P.M. PST
Those are the details programated. Remember that this details can change, so keep visiting!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Competition starts at Stadium!

Hello Penguins! Guess what? In honor of the launching of Club Penguin´s new game "Club Penguin Game Day", the Stadium has been remodelated! Now we can find there Three different events to compete on:

1.- Jackhammer Rivals
2.- Traget Champ
3.- 100 Meter Waddle

The Stadium´s color changes depending on how many Penguins are Jackhammering in their Color! But there´s a Big Problem at the Stadium: An Adobe Flash Player 10 application is causing several disconnections. Many Penguins have this problem. Please Club Penguin fix this! Also, if you want to know something about CP´s new Game,send it in a comment and I will contact the Club penguin Team to see if they can respond our questions. See you later!

Newspaper #257!

 Hello penguins! Yesterday Club Penguin released the Newspaper edition #257. In this Newspaper Club Penguin announces many important things, like the remodelation of the Stadium celebrating the launch of Club Penguin.s new game "Club Penguin Game Day" for Wii. Other important thing is that probably in October 5 Black Puffles will be playing with us on the Cart Surfer Game! This are the Upcoming Events:

- October 5: Penguin Style and New Stamps.
- October 8: New Penguin Mail
- October 8: Secrets of the Bamboo Forest at Stage

In other news, some of you may have read before that I was thinking to create a Blog about Pandanda. But I am so busy with School that I can´t post so much in this Blog. So I decided to cancel that idea. Also, you may have noticed very much that I haven´t been posting here for a while. This doesn´t means I am closing this Blog. Please don´t stop visiting this Blog. See you later!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reviewed By You and Second Hint!

Hello Penguins! Today Billybob has brought a New Reviewed by You related with the Puffles in the Club Penguin Games. Njse2 said:

Maybe in sled racing black could make no snow for the others, white could make ice for you,orange could eat obstacles, blue could hit opponents with snowballs, red could do stunts, yellow could paint arrows to help, green could save you from falling, pink could dig holes, and purple could dance the snowramps after you. That woul be cool!

That is a really awesome idea, Njse2! It would be really amazing. In other news, the "Club Penguin Game Day" Game for Wii is now available on America! Now, if you have a question about the Game, just send it on a comment, and I will try to contact the Club Penguin Team and see if they can answer our questions. Also, on the last days I posted that a special event is coming, and I gave you the First Hint. Now, this is the second one:

 I know that some of you may now have an idea of what´s coming, right? Also, today is the LAST day that I will be receiving stories for the Story Contest. Well, see you later!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Je45rry plays Pandanda!

Hello! Guess what? Yesterday I entered a new page ( a virtual world like Club Penguin ) and it is awesome! Its name is Pandanda. It is a virtual world with Pandas, full of secrets and surprises. I will give you some info of relevant things I found there:

1.- The Bear Hollow is the main room of all the Island. There is a water fountain, the Big Scoop and the Book Nook store. The Book Nook has a secret: It has a secret passage that goes to "The Parlour".

2.- There is a room named "Misty Hill" and it is one of the most scary and misterious places in all the Pandanda Island. Suddenly ghosts can appear and froze you! This is a mini-game that often happens there. You have to catch all the ghost you can! Eyes observe you in the distance...

3.- There are 2 secrets in "The Parlour": ( the Mansion ) the one the I mentioned before and a super secret passage ( investigate where it is if you dare lol ) that goes to a Scary Hallway full of shouts and strange sounds... An horrible giant Panda lives there and on the Mansion... UPDATE: It seems that there are MORE THAN ONE giant and Horrible pandas there!!!

4.- Also you can personalize you Panda card! You can change the Card Skin color and its background. To buy clothes you need Membership ( as Club Penguin and many other Virtual Games ).

5.- Also you have a Trehouse! And, guess what? You have a personalizable Calendar! There you can add events to dates, send Awesome Invitation Cards to your friends and it tells you Special events that will happen or happened in Pandanda! And this Saturday ( September 25 ) there will bE MEMBERSHIP FOR ALL FREE for one day! Actually theres a Special event in which you have to Find tickets to earn prizes!

Also the world changes in the Day, Sunset and Night! Pandanda also has a Mascot named Henry, and the page has his OWN OFFICIAL tracker to him available for anyone! You can get the HTML of it and you can put it on you Web Page! In the Pet Shop You can buy an egg, heat it with a heater and a Dragon pet will born, you chose the color! Very interesting, right? If you want to go to the Main Page and began playing click here! Hope that you will like the page! Oh, and my Panda name is Je45rry... lol Remember: This Saturday there will be free membership for all for only that day, purchase all the things you can!!! See you later!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Field -Op #14 and Announcement!

Hello Penguins! Last wednesday Club Penguin released the Field -Op #14. First we have to go to the E.P.F. Command Room to receive our orders:

We must find out who´s vandalizing the Island. We suspect it may not be Herbert...
We need a new Radio Scanner. Work together to install the first part, out at sea. Good luck!

Mmm, that sounds really interesting... what other than Herbert and Klutzy could be vandalizing the Island? Maybe it could be the animal that lived on the Secret Cave at the Mountain Expedition...

Well, now let´s go to the Iceberg and stand on the Top part of it. Your Telephone will start to ring. Answer it and play the Mini- game! Once you have finished it, you will earn another E.P.F. Medal! Good work!
Also, in other news, a very special event is coming. I have decided to post hints about what´s coming up, and days later I will say to you what is it! This is the first hint:

What do you think it means? See you later!

Neswpaper #257!

Hello penguins! I am really sorry for the REALLY BIG delay I had the last days. Well, last Thursday Club Penguin released their Newspaper edition #257. On this edition Club Penguin tell us many things, one of them is a Showdown at the Stadium. I think that this is related to the "Club Penguin Game Day" game ( that is now available for some places of the world ) This will be available at the Stadium on September 24.
This are the upcoming events:
September 17: Fairy Fables at Stage
September 24: Snow and Sports Catalog
October 1: Penguin Style
October 5: New Cart Surfer Stamps
Also, no one sent me a Story to my penguin e-mail for the Story Contest... if you still want to participate, I let you to send me your story to my penguin e-mail ( ) until next Wednesday, October 22. See you later!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Story Contest!

Hello! Guess what? I am organizing my 1st Story Contest! These are Important points:

- If you want to participate, create a Story ( ATTENTION: It have to be a NEW story. It can be of Club Penguin or real world. It will be "patented" as yours. )
- Then, send it to my penguin e-mail:  If you can´t send it by e-mail, send it by parts in comments!
- I will read your story and publish it in the blog for the Final Poll, in which all ( except the Participants ) can vote.
- I will stop receiving stories on September 14.

All participants will get a Prize! All the stories that I receive will published forever on a Future NEW Page! ( a Blog´s future new section ) But each story ( depending if it won 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, etc. ) will be published by different orders. But only the Participant that wins the 1st place will receive a Special Certificate to his/her penguin e-mail! To enter the contest, send me a comment with the following info:

Penguin name:
URL of your blog ( if you have one )
Penguin e-mail ( not your REAL e-mail ! )

Good Luck to all!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fun with Friends: Octa4208

Hello! Guess what? Yesterday I went to Octa4208´s Anniversary Party! He celebrated the 1st year of his Blog, created on September 5, 2009. So, obviously, he made a Party. And I went! It was very funny!
I met him at the Mountain, and we started to dance near the Snow Cone Shop.

Then we went to the Iceberg for a Giant Slide! This is one of my favorite places in all the Island during the Fair.

After that we went to the Lighthouse to play some music! I don´t have any instrument available so I tooted :D

Then we went to Rockhopper´s Ship to dance! There I met more famous penguins like Krexito and other ones!

After that we went to the Coffee Shop. This is the sweetest place I have ever seen XD

Then we went to Octa4208´s iggy. ( Sorry I didn´t taked photos of that ) Also, he added me to his Buddy list. When we where dancing at Octa4208´s iggy, I had to go. But I had fun! Please visit Octa4208´s Blog. I have to mention that his webpage is in Spanish. See you later!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Fair is here!

Hello! I am really sorry, I know that I am very late. So, this is a resume. Well, the fair is here and Rockhopper also! In this fair you can earn tickets by playing games to get Free Prizes! Let´s see the Town... in my opinion it is really good decorated! Now let´s go to the Beach. There´s Rockhopper´s ship! Let´s see the Rare Items Catalog:

If you want to see the Rare Items Catalog just click here! The Free item is the Magicain´s Hat, but actually you need to get all the Magician Clothes to make the Special Move. Well, as you may know, there are two new stamps on the Party section. ( also there are others, sorry, I couldn´t post about it ) The SNACK SHACK and the TARGET CHAMPION stamps. To get the Snack Shack stamp, just stand on a Food place and click and icon that means food.

Now, I am thinking that maybe you don´t know how to get the Target Champion stamp. Mayeb you have tried throing Snowballs, but that doesn´t works. You have to go to the Feed - a - Puffle game ( that is located at the Fair ) make 50 Puffles eat what you are throwing and you will get the Stamp! See you later!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

PSA Mission Glitch!

Hello penguins! Today I decided to play a PSA Mission in order to get a stamp, and guess what happened? When the Mission appeared at the Screen, it looked like this!: ( Click Images to enlarge )

Then, when I quit that, the screen looked like this!: ( I changed place )

I don´t know if CP was working with something right now, or it just was an error! Well, anyway, it is a little weird. See you later!

September´s all about games!

Hello Penguins! As you may noticed already VERY MUCH, I haven´t posted the last days. This is because School has complicated to me to post. I am also sorry that I didn´t post anything more about the Music Week, that finished yesterday. I will also announce that my Mmebership has expired... aww :( Well, today Billybob has sent us Sneak Peeks of about what games are coming in September. Her are the dates that Billybob wrote:

-September 3: The Fair starts! There are LOTS of games to play and you can redeem the tickets you earn for prizes. Remember, the games will only be up during the party, so make sure you check them out!
-September 14: Your green puffles will be able to join you in one of the mini-games... which game do you think it'll be?
-September 24: Pick a team and hit the Stadium for some special game events!

We already know that the Fair starts on September 3 ( or tomorrow ), right? But about the Green Puffle Game, hmmm, I think I know! Maybe the game is "Jet- Pack Adventure"! Because Green Puffles can fly with their hats, right? And about the games at the Stadium, I think that this games will be related to the game "Club Penguin Game Day"! Why? Beacuse it has the Four team colors that the game has! I am so excited for the Fair, do you? Send a comment with your opinion! See you later!