Monday, September 20, 2010

Je45rry plays Pandanda!

Hello! Guess what? Yesterday I entered a new page ( a virtual world like Club Penguin ) and it is awesome! Its name is Pandanda. It is a virtual world with Pandas, full of secrets and surprises. I will give you some info of relevant things I found there:

1.- The Bear Hollow is the main room of all the Island. There is a water fountain, the Big Scoop and the Book Nook store. The Book Nook has a secret: It has a secret passage that goes to "The Parlour".

2.- There is a room named "Misty Hill" and it is one of the most scary and misterious places in all the Pandanda Island. Suddenly ghosts can appear and froze you! This is a mini-game that often happens there. You have to catch all the ghost you can! Eyes observe you in the distance...

3.- There are 2 secrets in "The Parlour": ( the Mansion ) the one the I mentioned before and a super secret passage ( investigate where it is if you dare lol ) that goes to a Scary Hallway full of shouts and strange sounds... An horrible giant Panda lives there and on the Mansion... UPDATE: It seems that there are MORE THAN ONE giant and Horrible pandas there!!!

4.- Also you can personalize you Panda card! You can change the Card Skin color and its background. To buy clothes you need Membership ( as Club Penguin and many other Virtual Games ).

5.- Also you have a Trehouse! And, guess what? You have a personalizable Calendar! There you can add events to dates, send Awesome Invitation Cards to your friends and it tells you Special events that will happen or happened in Pandanda! And this Saturday ( September 25 ) there will bE MEMBERSHIP FOR ALL FREE for one day! Actually theres a Special event in which you have to Find tickets to earn prizes!

Also the world changes in the Day, Sunset and Night! Pandanda also has a Mascot named Henry, and the page has his OWN OFFICIAL tracker to him available for anyone! You can get the HTML of it and you can put it on you Web Page! In the Pet Shop You can buy an egg, heat it with a heater and a Dragon pet will born, you chose the color! Very interesting, right? If you want to go to the Main Page and began playing click here! Hope that you will like the page! Oh, and my Panda name is Je45rry... lol Remember: This Saturday there will be free membership for all for only that day, purchase all the things you can!!! See you later!

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