Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Global C.P.I. Assignment!

Hello Penguins! As you may read in the last post, there´s coming a NEW feature on the Blog. They will be called "C.P.I. Assignments" ( Club Penguin Info Assignments ) This assignments will be, as it says, special assignments that I will give you if you accept. Now, the First C.P.I. will be on October. As you may know, October 31 is a special day... it is Halloween! Maybe you are thinking, what it has to do with these Assignments? Well, October´s C.P.I. Assignment will be a GLOBAL one. This means that I need the help of all the Visitants of this Blog so we can get high quality results. This C.P.I. Assignment has been created to do a special Global Average. But, of what? Simple: The Most used Costume!!! For this I need that on all the day of October 31 you hve to create a list on a notebook, book, etc. What you are going to do is this: If you see a Girl with a Witch costume you will put that on the List. And so on on the day. I know that some of you is kinda boring, but if we put on our list all the amoutn of Costumes that kids use on our locality, city, etc., we will get a Very good Global result! Here you can see the amount if visitants on this moment:

Now, all those persons can help. If you don´t want is ok! Once October 31 finishes, you can send me an e-mail with your Stadistics to my Penguin e-mail: , or you can send me a comment with them. If you want, please mention this project on you web page so the result can be better. See you later!

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