Saturday, October 2, 2010

Newspaper #259!

Hello Penguins! Last Thursday Club Penguin released the Club Penguin Times #259. This Newspaper talks about the Halloween Party of this year! Club Penguin has put a new log-in screen about this Halloween Party but with a Countdown! Also the Club Penguin Banner has the Countdown! Billybob also announced that a New Party Feature will be show this Halloween Party: the Dark Chamber! I think that this Halloween Party will be really awesome, and you? This are the Upcoming events:

- October 1: New Penguin Style
- October 5: Cart Surfer Stamps
- October 8: New Play at Stage and New Penguin Mail

It´s Strange that they didn´t announced the Halloween Party date at the Newspaper, well.. they also announced that probably ( like last´s year ) a Storm will be in the Island at time for the Halloween Party! I am thinking: someone has been vandalizing the Island last weeks ( as Gary Informed us ) and no one knows who is making all that... I think that is the one that lives at the Secret Cave at the Mountain! Well, we will have to wait to uncover this Mystery! See you later!


  1. hey je45rry how could i get you to put my banner on your site?

  2. You only need to be a great follower of my blog!