Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hello Penguins, and welcome to the First Edition of this named: CPI NEWS! ( Club Penguin Info News ) Here you will find all the most relevant news of Club Penguin!

                                                                        iCP Closes!
 A worldwide shock has been produced when thousands of people get notice of the permanent closing of the well - known program iCP. The reasons of the closing are not specified, but some think that it could be caused my Technical problems. These are the only thing that the iCP Staff said to us:
Hello everyone,
iCP is officially closed. All files that have to do with iCP have been erased, this includes our Chat Files, Penguin Database and Game Source. iCP will not be coming back. We're sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.
The iCPv3 Staff

                                              Club Penguin´s 5th Anniversary Party takes place!
Finally, Club Penguin has reached its 5th Year! All Penguins are really happy with these 5th Year. We all hope that this new Year that is beginning will be even more funny, happy and cool that the Year that is finishing. Happy Club Penguin´s 5th Annivesary to all!

                                                                       Enemy or friend?
Lately, G has been detecting sabotages all around the Club Penguin Island. The first detection was received just a week later that the Mountain Expedition taked place. G suspect that all these sabotages aren´t caused by Herbert or Klutzy. So, who is doing all that? Some think that it may be the "Yeti" that lives in the Secret Cave that we found at the Mountain. If these is true, we don´t know why is him or she against us. It should be a new Enemy that tries to ruin Club Penguin as Herbert, or it can be just another Habitant of the Island that feels fear when we discovered his or her secret cave?

Thanks for reading this first edition of the CPI News! Send a comment with your opinion of these news. See you later!

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