Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Club Penguin´s Christmas Ornament!

Hello Penguins! Today I have an Image of a New Club Penguin Item for Christmas! This image shows a big sphere with many colores things in it ( Click it to make it larger ) I would like to have this Ornament at my House :) It remembers all the Happiness of Christmas! Thanks so much for Jasfriend1 for sending me this Image! Thanks you are a very good friend! Please visit Jasfriend1´s Blog at: Thanks! Also, tomorrow is another special day: tomorrow is 10 of October of 2010! Maybe you are thinking, why this day is special? Well, tomorrow is Day 10, Month 10, and Year `10! This kind of days will only happen until 2012, so we have to enjoy it because on 12 of December of 2012 that will be the last day of that kind until 2101! (Thanks Jasfriend1 for telling me this ) See you later!