Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Numbers ( Part 2 )

I began feeling a strange sensation, so I closed my Notebook just in time the Bell rang. I get out of the Classroom, thinking about the event that just happened 30 sec. before. Then, I saw my best friend, Jasper, coming to me. 

 - Hi, Jerry! How are you going?
 - I'm fine, thanks, and you? - I said slowly
 - Not very good, our Math Professor sent all my Classroom to Detention because he found some weird numbers all across his favorite Notebook, and he thinks that we made that!

On that moment felt the same sensation I felt at the Classroom. 

 - Jasper, I have something to tell you...
- What?
- This morning, I saw a secuence of Numbers in my Notebook. The Numbers where 18 - 09 - 10.

- Curious...
- Not, Jasper, I keeped my Notebook all the Day in my Locker. Is impossible that someone could wrote that.
- Relax, Jerry! They are only numbers in your Notebook! That doesn't affects you, right?
- ...umm, maybe you are right... Yes, umm, I think I will forget it...
- Good decision, my Friend

Jasper and I left the the School's Hallway to our next class.

                                                                                                                                                         Made by Je45rry

( Third Part coming soon )

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