Monday, October 25, 2010

More about the Halloween´s CPI Assignment!

Hello Penguins! Some fo you already know of the CPI Assignment for this Month. If you don´t know about that, click here. Now, I am making this post if you havw a question about this. If you want, these are the Steps you can follow to complete these Global Assignment:

1.- Wait for Ocotber 31. Once it starts, on the Morning keep a Notebook and a pencil with you.
2.- If you get out, ( for example ) if you see a Three Girls with Witch costumes on the Street and 2 Boys with Zombie costumes near the Store, you will mark in your Notebook something like this:
( If you can´t see the Image here is something similar: )
                                                               Witches: III
                                                                Zombies: II
3.- You will be doing this thing all day until night ( where is the hour most full of kids with Costumes ) until you get to sleep.
4.- The next day, you will write the List you have on the Computer and you will send it to my Penguin e-mail:
5.- I will receive it and I will add all the other lists in order to get the final results ( my list will also count! ) You can also send me your list in a comment!
6.- The final results will be shown on the Blog and we will finally see what costume kids like the Most! I would really like if you participate. See you later!